Friday 23 August 2013

Death of a New Era.

Well welcome, to Death By Die! Formally the Evandalists, but now with a new title to show how much more encompassing this blog is, or at the very least will be! Its coming up to two years of this blog being a breathing creature, and today it comes to adulthood with an almighty roar. Not on that, but in the coming weeks my Space Marine Chapter will also be renamed, but that is yet to be decided upon. As my army comes up close to the battle company level it seems like a good time to do so. The Evandalists, as they've been known as, was always a stand in name until I'd thought of something better. Only problem was, I'd forgotten to think of something! So keep an eye out for that.

First of all I need to pass on a huge thanks to Ieuan from Sons of Isis, the guy is a true Hero and deserves some Terminator honours for this tribute!

Last tuesday was my birthday, and Ieuan made me this especially, hes a classy lad fair play, hit his blog up to see his lovely looking army and purple hands!

Next up two weeks ago I took part in the first Apoc game using the new updated 6th edition rules, and had a hell of a blast. Theres a bit of narrative to sort out yet but the pictures are ready, so a post on this will happen fairly soon! All you need to know whoever was just how immense the game was.

There was 24k points in total, and had my marines teamed with Morgans Space Wolves vs the evil duo of Adam and Alun with their Nurgle Marines and Daemons with Traitor Guard. Cracking game and some good moments... more on that in the next week though! 

Next up that I need to tell you about, is this bad boy! Drop Zone is coming out as a boxed game, and I'm incredibly tempted if I can find the money aside from GTAV and the new Marines codex! 

Not only do you get everything you need, but the price is £60 rrp. How good is that?!! Well theres better... My good friend Adam who runs Putrid Painting, has it up on his site for a very nice £50, I'm not even kidding! We'll be getting a copy to try out at club and seeing what its like when its released at the end of September. 

So what else can you guys be expecting with this new name? Well the post I made about the Iyanden Craftworld from a scanned White Dwarf seemed popular, so I'll do this a little more often. I'll also be projecting my thoughts upon new releases, adding my own ideas etc. I'm also hoping to bring to you a new game thats being developed and sculpted by a new member to our club who lives just over the mountain, but that deserves its very own post. For now though I'll let all that and the new name sink in... 

Death By Die.

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  1. Love the new look header and name! And cheers for the shout out bud! I'll inform those that follow me of the new blog name also. Have you had any ideas on a new name for your chapter? I've also got news on that front too. Looking forward to what comes next!