Sunday 4 August 2013

Latest and Space Marine Codex

Ok so first of all, lets talk about the SM Codex. Rumours are starting to come out that it'll be out on September the 7th, which is making me excited! New suits of armour, 'Dreadmarine' has even been mentioned. While all this is awesome, if the date is true its all out the day before we have the Apocalypse event at our club! That could mean a frantic Saturday of building and painting! I'm sure it'll be worth it though, can't wait to see how it all works, and I may have to write an apocalypse army the day before we play. This happened when Tau was released, the day after we had a campaign day so I frantically built a riptide, broadside and 8 pathfinders the day before. Manic!

Anyways, onto what I've been doing. I haven't been able to paint much as the main light source in my room has been down, but it was fixed a few days ago and I've been on a mission!

My bikes have been waiting for some attention for a while, so I decided to get the sorted and based. Theres still some details to add, but they look so much better. The Chaplain biker has been converted and isn't too far off from being finished either. The Drop Pod isn't too far from completion, a little detail needed to this and then some black needed inside as at the moment its all metal! Lastly, the Librarian is coming along too. I've decided to use some copper on him, as copper was always thought of as a way of channelling mystic energies, so seemed to make sense.

Whats next? I've got a Rhino to build, and I may be getting another predator to allow me to do the squadron with them. All lascannons hopefully! Then its buy 30 tactical marines, build and paint them. Ouch!

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