Thursday 5 September 2013

Battle Company and Chapter Name Reveal!

So the Evandalists have now gone. Its now offical, that I have finally found a permanent name for my own custom Space Marine Chapter.... Behold...

The Krohmus Guard it is! The reason I've gone for this is that the word Krohmus is a twist of the original word that 'chroma' comes from, which is the value or effect colour can have. It seems very apt considering the colour scheme I chose for my force! Enemies shudder as the might of the Space Marines approach, but why are they so colourful? Surely they cannot be the Emperors finest? As the enemies are confused the Krohmus Guard strike to full effect! This effect for me is part of the idea behind the name, and its here to stay!

Also, you'll have noticed that I've got a big Aocalypse game coming up on the weekend and one of my aims was to get a battle company. Well, here it is!

The only thing not done is the Standard, but thats mainly because I'm certainly not rushing into painting something that should be a centrepiece for the army! I did find my old apothecary, but decided to get some bits to make a new one. Heres the command squad below!

Here are the three dreadnoughts that will be part of the company, although I may switch the heavy flamer toting dread to one with a lascannon as I can bring him down in a drop pod and torch a lot of heretics or Xenos! 

My two assault squads, units I've not really used much before but I'm getting to grips with them and finding them very useful. 

The other formation I wanted to do for the Apoc game was the predator assassin squadron. And what a deadly bunch they are! If all weapons on a predator hit you can exchange the three lascannon shots for a single strength 'D' hit. Yes please! 

I also made this guy, as one turret I obtained was missing a hatch. I think he looks pretty good and the pointing hand works well as he acquires the target to bombard with lascannon fire!

So as you can see I've been pretty busy, now I just have to wait until I get my big mitts on the new codex and get a list written! Can't wait to see how these, plus my other units will do in game and what Chapter Tactics I'll go for in the big game this coming Sunday. Whatever I choose, the Krohmus Guard shall eradicate the enemy!


  1. As you know I'm a fan of the new name!

    I'm wondering, are you going to have a new chapter badge? And if so, are you following codex squad markings?

    1. Squad markings are very unlikely but I'm not ruling out yet... gonna have to see. Chapter badge will happen just not sure what yet!=]