Tuesday 6 August 2013

Legion Damned again, and Batrep!

Welcome back for another batrep and update! This weeks battle report had me and Bam both using marines, my Evandalists and Bams Silver Skulls, versus Ryans Space Wolves and Aluns Eldar. 1k each player and capture the Relic!

We won deployment and first turn and took full advantage. Bams Chapter Master got outflank, and so went into reserve along with the razorback he and his honourguard were in. My Librarian's trait meant if he'd get a bonus point for every enemy warlord killed in a challange. We'll see how that went haha. 

First turn, the librarian comes down with five sternguard in a drop pod. Not where I wanted, but I did then see a possibly chance of first blood and even warlord. Aluns dire avengers and farseer were right at the back of his deployment zone, and I managed to kill four or five and force a morale check. Much to my surprise and Aluns dismay, they ran straight off the board! 2 kill points in one bold move, first blood and warlord! Elsewhere not much happened apart from killing a few of Ryans plasma cannon toting long fangs. They still hurt us though! 

They, in alliance with Aluns dark reapers took out one of Bams combat squads and two of my missile launcher devs. Bams army was hit badly and he lost more troops, but he still had 2 dreads and a combat squad left and his warlord off the table. Ryan than charged into me with his space wolf terminators. Who did I spy in there but Ragnar Blackmane. Do I challange and try to get the bonus point?

You damn right! Ragnar causes a wound, but I'm unable to wound him back. My sternguard are wiped out and no casualties for ryan, luckily the libby stays in the fight. Next turn, Bams Chapter Master comes into play, where the razorback gets damaged but they disembark and are charged by some howling banshees. Who are not eqiupped to take out armour save 2+! They're butchered, and Bam moves into the neaby building to do more killing. Meanwhile, ragnar strikes at my librarian, but I save all wounds. I hit back twice, wounding once. Ragnar takes his armour save, and fails! I then make a leadership test, pass, and the Space Wolf leader is dead! 2 bonus points for me! This puts is in a good position, it'd be hard to lose but draw could still be on the cards.

Bams chapter master and honour guard kill some grey hunters and rangers in the next couple of turns, demolishing their left flank. Then a fire prism shows up and kills Bams unit, ouch! My vindicator kills all but one grey hunter in the centre, limiting the troops units they have to capture the objective hopefully helping us win. 

Little else happens, I make 5 4+ saves with three scouts to keep them on the relic (even though they die next turn haha) and Alun failed another LD10 morale check thanks to some well placed frag missiles.

At the end noone has the objective but we win 4-2, as both of our warlords died. A cracking game though, Bam showed he was a little rusty as he hasn't played for a while but still did well considering how shot up he got. Ryan is still learning 6th edition but he too did well. All in all a good game!

Onwards! For the upcoming Apocalypse game, I'd fancied the Legion of the Damned Apocalypse formation. Didn't think I'd afford to get any though, so imagine my surprise when a guy called Alex turns up at our club with some stuff for sale, among them 5 damned legionaires! I get them for a great price, then the next day I look on ebay and am able to get another 5 saving a few bucks off the normal price, all in metal too matching my other squad! So today, I built them all. Then I decided to undercoat them too.

And then I painted them! All done in just one day, probably about 5 hours work give or take a little. So another unit of the Damned and I'm now able to take them as a formation, awesome! Can't wait to see all twenty drop in and cause havoc!

So thats all for now, I've got a course to go on for a few days so I doubt I'll get much done, but this weekend we'll have our first apocalypse game and a practice for the biggy in september!

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