Thursday 29 August 2013

Apocalypse Day Cometh!

So I'm currently planning, painting and getting stressed about putting on an Apocalypse event at our club. Last Monday, I'm thinking '3 weeks to get 40 tactical marines, 10 devastators and 10 assault marines upgraded, and another 20 tactical marines, 10 devastators and 10 assault marines built and painted.' Then suddenly I'm aware that its just a day short of 2 weeks away. Ah tits!

So these guys are now done, and below, you can see the mess that is 40 unbuilt tactical marines, 20 of which are to be used for 2 tactical squads, 10 for devastators with bolters, and 5 for a command squad. I also have 10 assault marines to fix up and sort out. And now its getting close to just a week away!

My progress as we speak currently is one Tactical squads worth is build and only basing needs to be finised, and I've also got a predator about 70% done although I need to pull the sponson lascannons off and turn them around as the previous own had put them on backwards! DOH! I'm hopefully getting another one too by next week to use three as a squadron.... fingers crossed anyways! I'll be preordering the new Space Marine codex on the weekend and I cannot WAIT to pick that book up, I feel like a 5 year old getting Optimus Prime again! Tomorrow I aim to get another Tactical Squad done and the Assault Squad sorted also. Its not gonna be easy but I will have a battle company for the apocalypse day finished!


  1. holy shit thats a lot of work hope you get it all finished in time it should be doable as long as you don't value sleep much lol

    1. Oh I value sleep, luckily I've not got any work on so I do have a full week to get stuff done, we shall see!