Sunday 28 July 2013

Apoc, Batrep, and Overdue Update!

Well, its been a wee while! I've got a few battle reports backdated but thought I'd post the latest as it was a nice little game against advesary Adam, mongeror of filth, and now also is known to call upon the power of the WAAAGHH!!!. The reason for my ineptitude to get some posts out has been that I've been incredibly busy with so much photoediting that editing even more pictures for my beloved blog has been a horrid thought. Now I've got most of it all done I'm able to photoshop for joy and 40k again! Also, being busy means you get paid...

When you're my hefty size, finding good tshirts is a problem. When you see a Ninja Turtles one... you get on it! 

I also got myself this little chap Saturday, what a lovely model too! Finecast, which I've now had a couple of minis of seem to be alright, the only bubbles were one in a wire and a couple on the bottom of his feet, I've also got a second drop pod and another rhino chassis. Speaking of the drop pod, anyone else find you change language to that more akin of a vulgar ruffian? Bloody drop pods! I'd also grabbed myself Apocalypse and another thunderfire cannon for a future project... more soon! Anyways....


1500 Space Marines vs a combo of Chaos Cultists and Orks. And Ghazgkull. Mainly the infamouse Ork Warlord to be honest... 

Most of Adams cultists were central, with a forgefiend and orks to my left and Ghazgkull and a big mob of orks on my right. My list was a more pacey affair than I normally take, so I had a unit of bikes with a captain, chaplain and attack bike attached to it. I also had missile devs, predator with lascannons, vindicator, and a couple of tactical squads. The other thing, was an assault squad, which I rarely take these days!

See the derriere of this Nurgle Daemon Prince?  It flew over the middle building and rudely aimed itself at my assault squad, thus presenting its bum to two tactical squads and a predator. Much rapidfire and lascannon shots later the Nurgle ass shower was dead.

My bikes flew down the left flank, their jink save dodging shots from the forgefiend and they cut into the orks striking them down quickly, soon rushing into the Chaos daemon engine and....

finding the off switch to its rear. In actuality I'd taken its last hull point with a basic attack glancing, which Adam failed to save. But I like to make things up a little more! 

My assault squad did some sterling work taking out three units of cultists, before Ghazkull, whose mob had been shot to ribbons, diverted his attention to them and slapped them silly, I attempted to charge him with the bikers but failed, which let him charge and take out most of my bikes. I left him on a wound, which proved enough in the next assault phase apart from the old Ork killing off my chaplain and captain. He's a beast! 

It was a good game, Adam could have done with a couple of more durable units, as the cultists and orks were rolled over. Ghazkill(which is a very good typo) was utterly hard, taking out about 500+ points on his own, which is probably all Adam took out all game! 

In other news, with Apocalypse coming out I've decided to try and finish off my battle company. I need just three more tacitcal squads, two for TS's and one to break up to plump up my Devastators. Theres a few other things I want to add, I'd like three predators, a third storm talon, and I've also got another dreadnought. Plus, theres a chance I'll be doing my own sort of contemptor dreadnought, which will be the new body for a Master of the Forge. On tracks. Ambitious, but sod it, gonna give it a go! We're doing our first apoc game with the new rules in two weeks and in september we're doing a full on apocalypse event. If you're in South Wales and want to come along, more details soon!

Hopefully now I'll update some more, but for now, cheers for reading!

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