Saturday 21 September 2013

Saturday Salvo: Aint No Dice in Los Santos?

Lets not beat around the bush, this has taken up most of my time this week.

GTA V was released on Tuesday and I've actually been really enjoying it. Videogames have bored me a little over the last coupel of years but this has enough variety to keep me entertained. The little random events are great, theres a guy opposite Shandy Shores who had me in hysterics for ages... an old hick dancing to various country music and he never seems to stop. Classy game Rockstar... although I'm gutted the characterful manual has gone!

What else has been happening? Well the Gorgon is coming out!

This, THIS is beautiful. The way he links up with Fulgrim is lovely, but the amount of the little details in this guy is absolutely astounding. I'm kinda thinking FW should create some sort of Primarch Hit Squad for people who paint the Primarchs terrible, it just should not be allowed.

Personally hobby wise I've picked up a box of Sterguard and a box of Vanguard. Gonna create some honour guard out of the sternguard using some vanguard parts but also a new Chapter Master, as my current one has had his sword broken in two. 


Not sure about the rest of the vanguard yet but I may even build and use them as vanguard, we shall see. 

Also, matey Adam has sponsered a comptition on Eastern Fringe, go here to win some zombies by making a zombie! May have a go at entering myself if I can pull myself away from GTA... not an easy prospect! Battle report in the next couple of days, again against Alun and his crafty pointed ears but in a much larger 2500pt game... it was a wee brutal too! Anyways, thats it for this Saturday Salvo, what projects are you guys working on? Been torn away from your hobby desk to make millions in Los Santos? Tell me about it!

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