Thursday 12 September 2013

October: Boxed Game?

Theres been speculation for some time now about an all inclusive boxed game coming out from GeeDub. Last year rumours for Blood Bowl were rife. Three teams, seperate sculpts, bit of a story... I was incredibly intrigued to say the least. But then rumours dissipated and new murmourings became visible.


Rumours for this was that GW wanted to get back into the skirmish games market, where other companies had been doing well GW had given up on its specialist games market due to poor - mediocre sales despite a cult fanbase for all its games. 28mm, 3-4 warbands in the box all sound good for a new version of Inquisitor, and if theres one thing that could back this up is that in White Dwarf we've seen hints at future releases... Matt Hutsons Black Templars having units added to it and then Space Marines coming out next? Jes Bickhams Tyranids could well be getting some love after he'd kept adding to them.... So the hint for Inquisitor? Blanchitsu wasn't in the last issue, but in the previous few months every single Blanche article was about Inquisitor warbands in 28mm. Yes, this kind of model does have great scope for conversion, so it would be a prime target for modellers... but 4+ months in a row? Surely this is GeeDub quietly introducing new people and reminding us veterans what Inquisitor is. 

What if we have been totally fooled however, and GW are doing something different?

What if the secret release turns out to be Necromunda? Its ideal for getting back into skirmish games, plus with the technology that could go into making the terrain it'd sell to 40k players too just to get their greedy mitts on some underhive terrain! Add on packs could easily work, picture this. For £70 you get a boxed game with three or even four gangs inside. Goliath, Orlock, Delaque, and Escher. Thats four playstyles and something to appeal to female demographic. You also get some nice terrain, and all the bits and counters you need to play. 6 months down the line, an addon pack comes out. Van Saar and Cawdor are included, a few more rules, and a bit more terrain. This keeps people interested in the game but also getting purpose to use the terrain for 40k gives added incentives for people to buy it. Another 6 months and you get ratskins and redemptionists and so on. 

The most likely scenario is that the Inquisitor game is released, which could also work well with expansions down the line. Myself? I'd love to score some touchdown or earn me some creds....

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