Friday 6 September 2013

Codex Space Marines: Nerdgasm!

 So Codex Space Marines comes out tomorrow on the 8th of September... well being a lucky son of a Primarch I've got my copy today along with the Damnos Warzone book! I've had a nice little thumb through and can safely say this is the book us vanilla players have been after. Although 'vanilla' doesn't really describe the book with just how many Chapter Tactics and rules are in here.

 The covers for both are lovely, and as nice as the limited edition books are the cover for the standard edition is stunning in its own right. Many people have shown some disdain for the book costing £5 more than the other codex books, but when you consider theres an extra 70 or so pages in here, thats not too far off double, its a very worthy fiver to spend.

As usual, theres a nice amount of background in here, not just for the main Chapters but also the making of Space Marines, some of the successor chapters and some of the conflicts Space Marines have fought in over the milennia.

Obviously the founding chapters are the stars of the show, and its great to see them all have some limelight. From the Iron Hands to the Raven Guard, theres background for all and a little on their successor chapters IF they have any! One of my favourite images so far is of a Thunderhawk storming through enemy fire in Raven Guard colours, I didn't want to spoil it though so enjoy it yourselves when you get the codex!

Chapter Tactics are a huge addition in this book, and they really help add flavour to the Chapter you use. White Scars players in particular must be revving their bikes up in anticipation to getting ST5 hammer of Wrath attacks and hit and run, great combo!

For me however the biggest thing was points. I've often looked at other Marine Codex books and noticed how much cheaper other chapters get things for... well thats changed. 5 Devastators with 4 missile launchers used to cost me 150 points, but now its just 130! You lose the veteran sergeant but he is just ten points but the regular sarge still gets the signum. A tactical squad can cost as little as 140 points with no upgrades, and if you want the classic loadout of a veteran sarge, missile launcher and flamer its still 170 pts, the same as in the last edition of Codex Space Marines. Legion of the Damned, Predator equiipped with lascannons and several other units all getting some nice cuts in prices. 

Onto the Damnos Warzone book, and for anyone who doesn't know this is an apocalypse book for using Ultramarines and Necrons. It details the first Damnos war along with the Ultramarines return in an attempt to rid the Necron threat. Another hardback book, theres some nice background in here that gives a good sense of the battles fought and gives you some ideas into how you should fight them. Theres a few missions that look like great fun, new strategic assets and over 20 formations for the Space Marines and Necron forces... and it states that these can be used in any Apocalypse game will many people will be happy about!

The new formations have some old favourites and some new ones too. Centurions get a formation if you have 9+, the Vindicator Linebreaker Squadron makes a nice return plus theres rules for the Necron Pylon. One of the assets I'd love to use allows Marine units that come on from reserve to charge on the turn they arrive... awesome!

So in all both books have been totally worth the money to me. If you're not intot he Apocalypse scene you may not find much about Warzone Damnos to interest you, but the Space Marine Codex has been a book I'm having trouble putting down. I now have an 8000point apocalypse list to write for Sunday and I'm genuinely excited about it! Let me know what you guys think of the Codex and/or Damnos and post it in the comments!

(all images in this post are taken from Games Workshop print, and belong to them)

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