Sunday 29 September 2013

Games Day Snippets... So Far

So Games Day UK is happening right now, and unfortunately I can't make it this year. But there are siome snippets of information coming through and a couple of images!

New Chaos Kharabidys Assault Claw.

Some Information from the Facebook pages...
"Mechanicum Thralls. Skittarii kits compatible with imp guard plastics

Mechanicum Myrmidoms. Giant heavy support tech priests. Loom over terminators.

Legion Basilisk and Medusa with space marine crew.

Mkiib Achilles land raider

Kharibidys assault claw drop pod. Crazy pretty armed drop pod.

Iron Hands Medusan breacher squad.

Grave Warden Death Guard terminators.

Night lords Raptors.


HORUS is 50% done. 5th Primarch to be released

Extermination is the third book, out Easter next year:

Battle of Phall - iron warriors vs imperial fists.
Battle of Paramar

Book contains Raven guard, iron warriors, alpha legion, imperial fists.

The alpha legion have a new alpha/omega overplayed symbol. All tanks and marines covered in hydras.

The fourth book will cover:

Prospero, Signus and Calth. Lists for the Sisters of Silence and Custodes and Traitor Guard for Calth.

They will do a warlord Titan in the next couple of years."
 Speaking of Lorgar.....

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