Wednesday 7 November 2012

This Post is Brought to You By the Letter....


Ah I couldn't help it. It was the only way to start off a post whose subject is Pirates.

One of our members at the Tredegar Reavers, Huw, has been busy drinking rum and frolicking with busty wenches to better learn the psyche of a pirate. Hes spent most of this time naked and drunk then. However, in those rare bouts of sobriety, he's also managed to build some splendid looking ships, pirates and buildings, and a set of rules that are developing nicely. I got to play for the first time, and its a great little game.

I was given a Pirate Captain and a second in command, and we were all given secret missions written down on a note. Mine, was to get to Bams captain, and present him with a letter from a local Governer. The message? I would not know til later, but when I reached him, I had to keep him alive. 

Avoiding a brawl at a local drinking hole I sneak around some buildings and head towards a rowing boat, hoping to get out to Bams ship. 

I get shot at by Mikes ship, Iain steals a ship and kills a couple of harbour men, and Bam tries not to crash into anyone. 

I was able to complete my mission, and I was to accompany Bam on a daring raid on a harbour in Jamaica. Iain was unable to get away with the ship, although he may be alright for the next game. The game itself was fun, plenty of banter and encouragement to do outlandish things and interact with each other. The one thing is to try and streamline parts of it. The combat, from what I witnessed works well, but some of the more normal tasks take a little longer. For instance, when getting a rowing boat into the water I missed 3 turns to do so... Perhaps even movement could be a little more generous to allow the game to flow a little quicker. To be fair though it was still a good laugh, and had we more time I think this wouldn't have mattered quite so much... but it would still be a good thing.

It'll be interesting to play a few more games and become embroiled in the backstabbing and politics I've seen. Alliances have been made and broken over gold and ships, and I want some! 


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