Tuesday 27 November 2012

Tau vs Tyranids Battle Report!

In the first time in quite a while at our club, we had a battle that had no power armour. Ok, so a few models had a 3+, but they didn't belong to any sort of Space Marine. Chaos, Astartes, or Grey Knight. I took 1000 points of my Tau against Jacob and his Tyranids. First time for me against Tyranids, and I'm still pretty inexperienced with Tau so I wasn't expecting a lot of success! I was expecting a lot of fun however.... 

The forces are pictured below.

My force, two Hammerheads, pretty much everything is WYSIWYG, apart from my Shas'o who had the airbusrt fragmention device. 

Jacobs force had a LOT of mini's! Those warriors scared me, 9 in total all with three wounds... It would be hard to whittle these guys down AND contend with the mass of gaunts!

We played the Scouring, but as we were on a 4x4 board we decided that 4 objectives were plenty and had a one point, 2 two points, and a 3 point objectives. We placed objectives and rolled for deployment. Jacob won and deployed where there were two objectives, whereas I had one and the last was in the middle. After deployment, I had the one point objective and Jacob had the 3 point objective... This game became incredibly more harder to win!

Jacob sends his Tyranids forward into the guns of the Tau.

 Needless to say, Turn two arrived and combat had began! Not enough guns and the worry I had for those flying warriors were justified! I lost my two Fire Warrior squads, although I did gain first blood.

I lost 3 of my stealth team to Termaguant fire, and tried to use as much as the board as possible to delay the inevitable close combat.

Not long after this the game ended with me being wiped out. Painful game! Thankfully rhough the fun I hoped for was reached, it was great fighting Tyranids and I'll have to take them on with my Space Marines, should be interesting. The things I learnt about this game is I forget tactics. Going into the game I knew synapse creatures would be lethal and concentrating fire on these could help me win the game... but what did I do? Forget. I didn't concentrate fire enough, and should have dealt with a unit before shooting at something else. This, I need to drill into my brain... I also learnt that Battlesuit commanders are great, even in combat. Mine finished off the flying warriors and lasted a combat phase against Jacobs Warrior Prime, so deffo glad I chose to lead my force with one. If I could change my force I'd perhaps either drop a hammerhead or the stealth team and take another fire warrior squad and an ethereal so I could upgrade the squad to have 1+ BS. I think the numbers may have helped... although the Hammerheads took a lot of fire and verbal abuse from Jacob! Great game though, look forward to revenge!

Elsewhere, Louis' evil laugh rang through the hall...

I'm afraid I have no idea of the score, but I know Louis won because his laugh was even louder and even more evil and maniacal after the game ended. Louis seems to be on a roll and his list is unbeatable so far! I fancy a return game though and fingers crossed when I do my dice won't fail me as they did in the last one!

After the game Louis sat down with our youngest member and helped talk him through the creation of a Gorkamorka gang. There'll be a game or three going on next week and its a good way to get the younglings involved. I started with Blood Bowl, and its a great entry level for people to get into the hobby. Doesn't require too many models, is cheaper, and just as much fun!

Bam and Mike also got a game in, with Mike's Thousand Sons holding out for a win over Bams Space Marines. They also played the scouring, and the game finished extremely close. If one of Bams termies had survived the result would have been different, but Mikes last Obliterator was able to smash the two Terminators down and helping a Thousand Sons squad claim a vital objective. 

A good day then! We've got another all day session coming up in about 2 weeks, so we'll see what happens as we're undecided as to what to do. I may have one game, but I also fancy seeing about having a nice little Blood Bowl tourney and taking some footage and pictures, generally spectating and enjoying the action! We shall see anyways, and that concludes this post. 

Eyes peeled for more posts!

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