Sunday 25 November 2012

The Hobbit. Best and Worst.

I've never tried The Lord of the Rings games, although I'm a fan of the films. Theres always been something I just didn't seem to fancy when it came to the rule set. With the Hobbit coming out however, intrigue was rising and I began to think to myself, "maybe now is a good time to have a go, I'm sure the models will be great and perhaps it will be fun." 

Well, after all the advance orders had been released, two things struck me.

Radagast the Brown. This is one of the best Tolkein mini's I've ever seen, and I'm gutted it won't be released seperately as its the limited edition extra. Ebay will be trawled through! I love the pose on this guy and all the little details, it just screams 'PAINT ME!!!' 

Unfortunately there was an incredibly bad point too...

What on Middle Earth? £45 for four, very averagely sized miniatures? Yes, they're well detailed and look nice, but £45??!?!!? You're totally taking the elvish bread there GW. That in itself has put me off getting into this game. The thing I like about 40k and my Space Marines is that through the basic tactical squad I can convert (even with my basic skills) some fairly decent HQ models that look fairly decent. This means I save money on not having to fork out on top dollar mini's and have a fully customised set of HQ miniatures. This however, you'd need to be a pretty good sculptor to do that, and then some! Its completely put me off getting into this game, and I think I'll only have a go IF someone at the club decides to pick it up. I love the set of Trolls but they're £50, thats £15 for each Troll and a fiver for the camp fire in effect. I understand that they have pay the license out of this but its still an incredible amount of money that I simply will not have. 


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