Thursday 15 November 2012

Reavers Day of Reaving

So I've already post about The Tredegar Reavers having had an all day at club, but heres the second post I promised showing off the other two games that went on. Huw's Pirate game and an Apocalypse game consisting of Tyranids, Eldar, Chaos, Grey Knights and Dark Angels. As you can see, bio-titans and heirodules made an appearance as well as the entire Deathwing company of Dark Angels and it looked fantastic! Anyway, I'll let you look at the pics themselves, as well as a few thoughts of the day from some of our members.

Jamie Chadd; "my best moment was when my grey knights slew their first ever demon prince lol"

Huw Williams; "Owain getting his mast shot away by the Spanish Guarda Costa, Owain going up the tavern to celebrate their victory and catching syphillis (there's a special dice-roll), the pair of them getting cheated out of their prize ship by the Governor of Jamaica, the planting of a map and first clues to a vast Inca treasure: The Fabled Golden Cock of Atahualpa"

Mark Llewellyn; "My favourite part was my deathwing putting Josh's chaos army through the grinder."

Michael Browning; "my favorite part was Huw's reaction to Owain and Aaron's audatious attack on the 'best ship' in the spanish fleet and the eventual capture of said ship. Also it was my shot that took out owain's Mast!!"

Owain Richards; "Morgan's reaction to the Bio-titans, still cracking me up now. Mike taking down my mast in one shot, Celebrating a job well done with a job of a different kind and getting Syphillis and Aaron and me conducting piracy against the Spanish Navy. T'was a good day."

Morgan Payne; "Avatar fighting a heirodule for 3 turns was epic, karandras completely smashed a hive tyrant, jain zar took a harpy straight out of the sky, eldrad and his seer council survived against a carnifex, 10 gaunts, 5 warriors and 20 genestealers, the heirpohant was a challenge, kept getting its wounds down only for it to regen the next turn"

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