Friday 9 November 2012

Chaplain Kitbash.

Ah, Kitbashing. Worthy of a capital letter. I love Kitbashing me, my Librarian, Chapter Master and Master of the Forge all created through various kits. Well, seeing as my Chaplain was old and hidden under a couple of paint jobs, I decided that a new one was needed.... but where to start? 

I began browsing Ebay for various bits. Theres some great sellers on there, and I found some great parts! 

The head was donated by friend Bam from a Venerable Dread, the chest torso was an Iron Hands torso I thought looked cool, the Power First was from a Tartaros Terminator, and the Crozius was a combination of a DA Power Maul and a standard top. Standard Tactical Squad legs with some honours from the tactical sprue and also the attack bike sprue.

I'm quite happy with the pose, the idea being he's just finished his litanies and is pointing upwards as a symbol of the Emperor for all to see. Its not finished yet, he has no backpack and the wires need tidying up but he's about 80% done. Can't wait to use him in our all dayer... Which is SUNDAY!!!

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