Wednesday 3 October 2012

Too Stealthy for some and BatRep

So, an update at last! Been over a week, but a busy one. Not so much hobby wise, although partly so. As we're getting the club through the transition we've had a couple of setbacks, regarding GCN status. A little more time and money and we'll be applying soon, score!

But for now... Remember these guys?

What the... where did they go?

Ah! There they are, bloody stealth suits! Anyways... remember these? Well, I wanted to get another three for a full unit, and I had recently spoken to Jacob who sells some models at the club occasionally. I asked him what Tau stuff he had, and he mentioned a few stealth suits, and a hammerhead somewhere. The hammerhead failed to materialise unfortunately, but the stealthsuits were there.

A few he said! 9 will do nicely, and all for the princely sum of £15. He also gave me some drones and a bag of Tau weapons, score! So, in two hours while listening to the Thousand Sons audio book, I basecoated all 9 of em! Thats progress methinks. Still a lot more to do, and with all the lines the highlighting really takes a little while to get done, but its worth it. I also picked this guy and the other two Dark Vengeance bikers off Jacob...

But why you may ask? And you'd be right too. Am I doing some Ravenwing? Well... No. Never been a fan of Dark Angels, but this model... I see potential! I'm gonna have a crack at converting him into a Chaplain on a bike. I'm unsure about how to add a crozius, so will be looking at that and I was also given a helmet from the venerable dreadnought off Bam, along with the pictured Dreadnought Plasma Cannon. More score! Plenty of things to get cracking on with, I've already taken the iconography off that I don't want on the bike so its ready for chopping. Do I take the arm off and go for a talon-like powerfist? Or go with a custom crozius? Options...

Also I got my first game in a couple of weeks! Being Chairman at the club does mean that playing happens a little less, but its something I'm fine about. This week I play Alun, who visited back from university. I made an allround army, mainly of stuff I fancied taking. Rough list...

captain and 5 marines on bikes, 5 cc termies in land raider, 2 tactical squads, scout snipers, vindicator, predator, and my chaplain dread. Alun took 4-5 units of storm troopers, a unit of GK termies, Coteaz and another character, whose name eludes me. And to top it off, 3, yes THREE.... Vindicare assassins. Ouchen! 

Big Guns Never Tire and Hammer and Anvil!

Against a lot of infantry, my predator would not do an awful lot, as it was equipped with lascannons. It was to hold back and add fire against a unit I was targetting while claiming an objective. Bikes, TS, and dread on the right, LR and TS on the left, then Vindicator and SSnipers in a central role. Alun stole the first turn, and almost wiped out the snipers and telion. Assassin took out the vindicator, but luckily my LR survived... for now! All of his units had storm bolters, but did little as most were out of range, missed, or failed to wound. Predator fired at the termies, 3 hits, NO wounds. Yes, 3 ones. ARGH! However, the dreads plasma cannon scattered and went from hitting one to 4. 3 dead GK termies! 


So may land raider and predator are blown up, scouts finally wiped out, but I carry on looking to claim objectives. Termies deepstrike down behind the enemy, and do damage to a unit holding an objective in aluns deployment zone. Bikes charge forward into the termies but do little damage, and are all butchered after two turns. Not good, but I do like using them! Assault termies wipe out a character and a unit. then move centrally to threaten objectives. Plasma cannons take their toll on Aluns infantry, although his assassins are hard to wound. 

We went all the way to seven turns, and it was really close. While I killed a lot of infantry, Aluns Assassins had blown up two of my heavy support vehicles (which give bonus points in this objective), had first blood and warlord. I, had one objective, and killed his warlord. As we went into the last turn I needed to deny him an objective and capture it myself to win. And.... it didn't happen. His last couple of terminators managed to survive and hold the objective while I couldn't get him off. So close! Final points were 5-7 to Alun, a really good game fair play! Good to see him and his elvish looks back at the club, although hopefully he wont be back too soon... HA! 

We've got our next all dayer confirmed too, November 11th! If you'd like to come let me know in the comments or take a look at the Tredegar Reavers website, as we'll post news when we know more. 

Adios for now, hopefully 9 finished stealth suits by the weeks end, which will make two full squads of 6! Now I just need path finders for some markerlight goodness!

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