Wednesday 24 October 2012


I know what you did, you read the title of this post and said it to yourself in the same way I said it as I typed it. With much volume, aggression and love. We all know 'Blitz' means one thing, and that's Blood Bowl. I have an incredibly squishy bit of my heart dedicated to this game, so when a new member suggested playing something imagine my smile when he accepted my challange of a game. YES!!

We'd both taken Humans, alhough I did have my old Undead team but I couldn't remember their stats so well so went with my Mordheim Raiders. Edmund also took Humans, so this would prove a pretty close affair. Humans are well known for being one of the most tactically sound teams in the game, being able to do a litle bit of everything. Depending what team you play against, you should be able to do a little of the other. Against Wood Elves? Barge em round and slap em til you have numbers then overwhelm them by stomping down the pitch. Against Dwarfs? Use your speed to keep ahead of them and try to pick one or two of them off by ganging up on them. They can do it all! This would prove interesting then!


I managed to score reasonably quickly and put Edmund on a bit of a backstep. I'd taken one of his guys out early, but he'd taken an apothecary and brought him back. Buggers!

 Then it starts to get crazy... Edmund rolls dice like he's playing Orcs or one of the other brutal teams, and starts to flatten my defence!

 I lose 5 people in total, 2 of which completely died! I was able to score another two touchdowns however before I lost all these, and the game finished 3-0 to me but Edmund had done plenty of damage and looked more than content! A good game, plenty of laughs too!

 It was awesome to get the old team and pitch out again, hopefully some of the other guys will be interested in playing a few games, Louis already has mentioned about getting his bunny girls out, so it seems my team will gawp around looking at scantily clad women playing football!

 Throwers Eye View.

Look at these braggards. Rough, violent, and probably all drunk on rum while hassling the wenches at a local serving bar. Yep, Huw's brought the pirate game back up!

I'm not entirely sure what went on, but I should be playing either next monday or the monday after, shall see! Looks like a laugh, although mutterings of Huw making bits up were heard and chortled about.

I remember Iain robbing a bank, Andrew had to back stab Bam, who then killed his treacherous foe, and Mike couldn't get to shore for ages, I think for bad rolling for rowing!

I'm not sure if Bam said one of his secret missions was to capture a ship, but I don't think he was able too being the other side of the board. You'd wanna steal on of these sea-faring beauties though, they look awesome!

Louis and Chris also played some 40k, Chaos vs Chaos. I didn't really get any pics of this game though, but I think Louis won against the Khorne Bezerkers. I want the Chaos players to pick their Chaos God and represent him in a 4 way all on all battle, I think it would look awesome!

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