Tuesday 9 October 2012

Monday Night CHAOS.

So last night we gave the new Chaos Codex a go. Louis and Chris, to avid Chaos followers (feel free to spit in the heretics faces ha) played me and Bam. Louis took Abbadon, Sorceror, two cultist squads, and three two man obliterator squads. Chris took Kharn, bezerkers, Daemon Prince and Termies. Not sure if he had another troops unit, but its all good. Bam had three dreads, captain, and three tactical squads, and also two drop pods... one for a dreadnought and one for the captain and tactical squad. I took Tau. Yep, against a new codex and I took an army I'd used only once before, interesting! I too 3 battlesuits, inc Shas'O, 6 man stealth team, 2 fire warrior squads, and a hammer head. 

This week long time member Jacob mentioned he was bringing some terrain up, imagine our faces when it was all painted and looked awesome! New terrain means awesomeness. We rolled for terrain, mission and deployment. Crusade and the normal deployment was the way, and me and Bam won which side and first turn... needless to say we took the side with more cover!

I didn't get as many pics as I'd have liked, due to playing and forgetting too. Perks of getting old! First couple of turns was quiet, except for me and Bam getting first blood for Chris' Terminator squad trying to deepstrike in front of my battlesuits, scattering onto terrain, then getting lost in the warp on a roll of a one. Yeah! I concentrated blowing up the rhinos to make the Khorne contingent footslog while bam dealt with a daemon prince, who are now nasty pieces of work. It killed all but a sarge of a tactical squad, a dread tried to save him but got blown up, letting the seargent stick his power sword where the warp don't shine(it was on its last wound, phew!)

My stealth team deepstriked in, as I didn't see anywhere good for them to deploy via infiltrate, and then did exactly the same as the Chaos Termies. ARGH! All for the greater good I guess, swings and roundabouts! 

Bams Captain and tactical squad got beaten by abbadon, cultists and two obliterators in combat, we both managed to down most of the bezerkers, and I'd not lost a fire warrior. Thats a first! We had to stop early as time was getting late, but I think we were in a decent position. Kharn would have been amongst my lines if he could have survived a whole turn of everything I had shooting at him, including a hammerhead. We had one objective and first blood whereas the Chaos side only managed Warlord. A win for the Tau! It was a good laugh, and I think both sides made some mistakes here and there. Pity we couldn't finish but ah well!

Mike, has a new ambition to be a God. So he's started by sculpting a mountain. Ha crazy man, should be good though, will look awesome having such height on a table. 

Projects for me shall soon consist of revisiting my Space Marines to start work on the 2 chaplains I want to do, one on foot and one on a bike. I have some of the parts so will get cracking soon. I'm also thinking of building a Master of the Forge Dreadnought... but I'm daunted! Adios for now anyways!

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