Tuesday 16 October 2012

The Dice Hurt Me.

If your stomach is easily churned at the mention of bad dice rolling, please do not continue reading. This may cause a rift in reality and the warp inside threaten to pull you in. If you are used to such stories, like myself, read on.

Sorry about the amateur dramatics, but I've happened upon some seriously bad dice again! It was hilarious though. Myself and Louis played a 2k game in a Capture the Relic battle, Hammer and Anvil deployment. Louis was looking to christen the Chaos Codex properly, and I wanted to foil his plans! Looking at Louis'' list, I was pleased to see so many cultists as I'd taken a dreadnought with two heavy flamers to take these out. I also took Vulkan, which made both the heavy flamers twin linked. A Landspeeder with two twin linked multi meltas to deep strike next to the dread and its drop pod(which had a locator beacon) would help make these units arrive safely and in the thick of action. At least that was the plan! I also took 5 termies to support these in a forward role while my other unit of termies in a landraider followed up with a tactical squad following behind to capture the relic. The large unit of termies Louis had and the obliterators scared me, as did the forgefiend and maulerfiend (Louis wanted to try both these out, and seeing as one looked so lovely I let him proxy a flying base as the other).

So the first turn, drop pod comes on and scatters away from the chaos army. First mistake, should have aimed for a cultist squad and let it scatter to the outside of it. I then moved up the Raider and the tactical squad following my plan, while the other squads shot.I managed to kill a few cultists, who I found out were actually zombies due to Typhus being used (Huron Blackheart model) so they had feel no pain, which made them a little more resilient. The heavy flamers of the dread managed to singe a few more but was nowhere near as many as I would have loved to see burning. I think I managed a glancing hit on both the fiends, but no pens.

Louis also moved his force foward, then blew my dreadnought up with his obliterators. My drop pod survived, and I was able to bring in the land speeder and termies. The storm talon failed to show up even though my warlord trait allowed me to roll reserves... Bugger! The Land speeder landed next to the maulerfiend and the termies just behind. Raider and Tactial squad moved up again. At this point I wish I'd been more aggressive with the land raider, but ah well. The land speeder hit with both shots (reroll needed for one) and then only glanced the maulfiend. This meant the landspeeder would die without really doing anything... oh well! I shot the termies at the zombies in front of them... with only 3 storm bolter and 2 assault cannon shots I think I killed 2... not good enough! 

As you can now see, Louis wiped these out in his turn. No damaged cause by either and they die! They did soak up a lot of the enemy firepower however so I then advanced and made a bit of a gamble...

If the land raider could survive or at least take all of Louis' firepower, and have Vulkan and the Thunder Hammer termies survive they would be in a good strong position to take on anything, however only one terminator survived the tide of multi meltas, ectoplasma shots(although the forge fiend finished itself off by overheating ha) and everything else Louis could muster. Not my day! The Storm Talon showed up and missed with two frag missiles and killed 2 cultists with its assault cannons, and the other 2 tactical squads did kill a few more trying to prevent the capture of the relic by than chaos hands. My tactical squad in the centre took on 2 assaults by the chaos, one squad of chaos marines and then by a chaos lord and terminators, and survived more than one round of combat! BARELY!!! 

This is how the table looked at the end of the game. I lost 6-0, and swore at my dice more than I'd care to admit! The maulerfiend tore a building up at the end and killed four marines inside through the ensuing rubble which was a great thing to watch, and possibly the highlight of the game. It was a good laugh fair play, I just wish my dice would behave! Next time you chaos scum, NEXT TIME!!!! 

Also last night Huw set up his pirates game which is starting to look really special, and I think all the members at the club are feeling quite honoured to have Huw bring it and let us try. I'm yet to have a go, but hoping to in a few weeks.

I've left this pictures large so you can zoom in and see the details, as all of these are scratchbuilt by Huw, although one of the ships may be Mikes.

I believe Huw is hoping to put a demonstration game on at a wargaming convention in Penarth, so we're hoping to be in attendence for that, myself armed with my camera! 

The all dayer approaches fast too, and I've been getting some painting done. I've now got four tactical squads based, and in varying degrees of painted-ness. I managed to get another five asaault squad members basevoated up taking me upto 15, with another five to build. I also picked up another tactical squad, possibly as a fifth TS or to bulk out my devastator squad to 10 men and have a few guys left over, maybe as a command squad. Tau wise I've got another Hammerhead and a Devilfish after getting a couple of bargains so I'll try to crack on with those too! 

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