Thursday 11 October 2012

Slayer Sword Winner Speaks.

When news filtered through that Karol Rudyk, winner of this years UK Golden Daemon Slayer Sword, was selling his prize on ebay, a lot of different reactions flooded the internet. Some people were saddened, some indifferent, some hateful, some seemed to understand and said they would do the same if in Karol's shoes. The sword itself sold for $600 on Ebay (approx £375). I decided to look into this and was able to ask the man himself. 

"I tell you why I sold the sword. 6 years ago when I saw the Slayer Sword for first time it looked like this:

This was a beautifull, fully-functional weapon. And this was my dream to win this sword. You should know also I am sword collector and I have several unique swords like:
Glamdring museum collection.
Atlantean sword of albion from Connan movie .
Anduril limited edition,
Full-functional japanese katana.

And the next should be the Slayer Sword.

But when I saw the actual version of the Slayer Sword this was a sad time. This sword not look good even on wall. This is a shame that GW give the best artist so cheap shit. My sword look like ship Chinese version. They give me it in a box (shipping from China) and it looks very bed. Blade is a piece of sheet metal and you can see traces of the blade grinder.

So when I saw this I do not want this in my collection. Maybe in future I will try to buy old version. I talked about it with GW manager, but they prizes are more and more low -quality. So big company and so cheap prize. This is sad.

I hope now you understand my reasons. I don't need many but this sword does not fit my exclusive colection.


Does this change anyone's opinion? I understand with him, trying to win an esteemed prize not only for your painting abilities but for your collection, and after all the hard work it doesn't live up to expectations.

Thank you to Karol who took the time to get back to me, you can see much more of his work here on his facebook page.


  1. Fully understood. Sell that shit to harcore fan boy who will buy it whatever the prize and maybe even claim it's his / hers.

    The blades used to be handed with a chainmail glove on one hand, when they were still very sharp. Nowadays it's a friggin' box? Get outta here!

  2. Its a trophy for winning a painting comp ....... what was he expecting !?

  3. They used to be amazing quality, hand made in UK, by a blacksmith. Not a toy company in China :/

  4. I can't fault him for selling. Its his prize to do with as he sees fit

  5. With Karol's permission I posted information about this on my blog as well. I linked to this article!

  6. considering that you shouldn't really need to explain at all why you decide to sell something that been already your property you should feal absolutly free to sell, im also totaly agree with you your reason and explanations, im the lucky possessor of one of the original raven armory slayer sword and when i receive my second chinese slayer last year i was quiet disappointed with that due to the understandable difference of quality from the the first one.
    but once again hey you whon a sword or a demon? wtf it's your if you want to paint it or cut it's head and make a diorama or else use the
    sword as a toothpick it's your own business man!
    cheer and gratz for your stunning paintjob expecialy on that miny witch it's seriusly a pain to paint

    Matteo M.