Tuesday 9 October 2012

Golden Daemon: Retro

I got into the hobby in 1994, a few months before my 14th birthday. My future brother in law introduced me to Space Crusade, and then onto Blood Bowl. I picked up issue 174 of White Dwarf and haven't looked back since. 3 months later I had my first encounter with Golden Daemon. I still remember now eagerly looking through the magazine at what Blood Bowl material it had, and there it was. This.

Roy Scorers 'Hell Fire' Dreadnought. This blew me away like very little else. The paint job screamed out at me pure awesomeness, and I've never forgotten that model since. Today, I looked up online and discovered an image of it along with a few other influential models that I had not forgotten about. I still love the way this Dread looks. The black to red blend, the bright orange highlights, I still think this paint job is ageless, and is testament to how good it is.

Another model from the same White Dwarf, Neil Thomason's Rune Priest won first in the 40k single miniature category. I had seen a little of the Space Wolves, and they held much appeal to me as a chapter. This, made that appeal much more stronger! 

This Dire Avenger Exarch was also by Neil Thomason but won 1st at the 1995 Golden Daemon. The thing that struck me, was the banner and how different it was. Its a very moody peice, and looking back it reminds me of how the Eldar fought the Necrons, like the female character thinking back to those times in a very evocative way. Whether the Necron/Eldar history was developed then I'm unsure, but its a cracking model.

What Roy Scorer's Dread did for me and Space Marines, Ben Jefferson's Wraithlord (although I think then it was a Dreadnought) made me look at the Eldar in a new way. I still love this paint job and it jumps out at me just as much as it did back then. 

Looking back, the models that I loved back then haven't aged much at all today. This isn't far off 20 years ago, which speaks volumes for just how well these guys have done. I'll be doing more of these in the future, not just some of the older models but perhaps some of the more recent ones too. Til next time!


  1. Those were some of the models that inspired me too when I was younger! Especially the Exarch and Wraithlord along with a jetbike from around the same era. I just remember being in utter awe at the work and creativity people put into these

    1. Was the Jetbike a bone/black pattern with a wee bit of red on? I think it was by Jonas Ekestam... http://demonwinner.free.fr/uk/1995/golden_demon_winner.php?categorie=2

      Bottom of that link? Glad it struck a chord with you too man, I love looking at the GD stuff ever since I first saw these, and seeing some of them in Warhammer World is just crazy.

    2. Yep that's the one! I actually featured it on my blog a week ago in a review of white dwarf issue 200.

      WW has so many treasures like the Green Knight and all the old McVey dioramas it's everything that got me hooked in one place

    3. Ah, Mike Mcvey. In his time probably the best painter/converter out there. Its mad how different the styles are now. Back then, it was about bright well blended colours, now its more about the realistic look, with lighting becoming a popular technique.

      I'll be doing more of these, love looking through my old Dwarfs!