Tuesday 30 April 2013

Faiet212 and GW... Thoughts.

It seems that many people are angered with Games Workshops latest legal warnings that the 40k rumour blog, Faiet212 has been closed down. Its a shame the whole site is closed, and not just the blog posts that GW thought broke the rules. Much outcry from the internet then...

But why? Its been stated that Natfka had been issued warnings before, yet he kept on posting rumours knowing full well it could happen. It seems many people do not agree with the way Games Workshop release information, and in some ways I can understand this. If we knew what was coming out, we could save up and be better prepared for new releases. I posted many months ago about rumours and the sense of having Christmas day spoiled. I used to love getting the latest White Dwarf and seeing those nice pictures of new things and being genuinely excited. These days however, I seem to have to be aware of these things through badly taken pictures OF pictures and multiple rumours, where some are true and others arent. This can hurt those people who save, as if rumours are not true when the new product is released then they wont want the new shiny things.

While its a shame that the entire site has been shut down, I understand the reasons why. I don't however understand the amount of rage people are coming out with about Games Workshop wanting to do things their way with THEIR products. Do I sound like a GW fanboy? Well, it bothers me little. I love playing 40k, I love playing Blood Bowl and Necromunda so perhaps I am.

What are your thoughts?


  1. Agreed Kev,

    Natfka does a tremendous job and puts in a heck of a lot of work but in all fairness if GW doesn't want someone to showcase new releases before GW themselves do then they have every right to stop them.

    All the GW bashing only makes me feel loyal to them more in all honesty, and yes I also get your analogy about Christmas being spoiled.

    Hope Natfka does indeed come back in some form though.

    1. Yeah definately man, I enjoyed his posts about his Dark and normal Eldar more than the rumours, I only kept looking at rumours cause I'd see them somewhere eventually. I'd love to miss them out and have that last saturday of the month come along and flick through White Dwarf without the feeling of already reading it!

  2. It is a pity Faeit has gone, but Naftka knew the risks and ignored the warnings etc. I also do not understand the rage from the internet, after all G.W is just protecting their unpublished works.

    I also posted about this on www.imperiusdominatus.com yesterday, looks like great minds think a-like ;)