Sunday 12 May 2013


"The enemy is many, their hearts blackened with hate and minds lost to the warp. Today, we bring the Emperors light to them. Smite the heretics, burn the Xenos, for they deserve nothing else." 
Orneus Gyozo, Chaplain if the Evandalists

And so its Apocalypse time! I've been waiting for this for a wee while, Rhys, who meets up with some of his friends in Brecon got in touch with our club inviting us to go and take part in a huge apocalypse game. He'd contacted a few other clubs too, but many were unable to make it. We did however get 7 of us in total and had a great day in the home of the Jazz Festival! So the players...


Myself with my Evandalists and a small Tau contingent
Rhys with Blood Angels, Grey Knights, some baneblades and a Warhound
Liam with Night Lords (yes they're chaos but we had someone pull out and needed a baddy, Night Lords it was!)


Adam with his Nurgle Marines
George with a large amount of Necrons
Scott with his Eldar
Duane with Necrons and Tau.

Points wise there was at least 25k each! To win you needed objectives and to kill the opposing Warmaster, who was a player picked HQ. Ours was Draigo, and the enemies was of course Abbadon.


We thankfully got to go first, I took the right flank, Rhys took the centre where his Warhound and superheavies could control the middle ground or reinforce a flank if needed and Liam took the left side of the table. The enemy deployed, Adams Nurgle force faced Liam, George put his monoliths in the centre and then some of his force oppostite me. Scotts Eldar were between mine and Rhys' force, and Duance deployed all over the bloody place! I faced a lot of Wraiths, who would be difficult to kill. 

Heres my army, deployed for war! I did have a couple of dreads and bikes to the right of this too.

Rhys' lovely painted vindicators, warhound and baneblade ha. Theres were close by to myself and commanded the centre.

This is Liams Defiler conversion, looks amazing!

First turn charges are unheard of unless you play apocalypse! My terminators were bogged down against necrons for pretty much the entire battle! The thunderhammers beat a unit of Lychguard after a few turns then waded in to help the last lightning claw termie and my Chapter Master. Brutal!

Huge monolith and another monolith were destroyed in the first turn, thats insane! Glad the warhound and superheavies were on our side, George also brought down two Necron pylons later in the battle and did a lot of damage but again Rhys destroyed them with a lot of firepower.

Even smelly Nurgle followers drink coffee!

Game in full swing

Chaos versus Chaos turned out to be brutal after all...

Later in the game, I make my push to control my objective. The enemy crisis team are shot apart, and I clear the objective of jetbikes and get my tactical squad on there. 

More of the battle

Another bloody battle around an objective, Necrons and Eldar battling the Blood Angels and Grey Knights for control of this one

A mass of Krey Knight terminators controlled the objective in this bastion complex after clearing it of Tau and Necrons

End of the game! I managed to keep control of the objective, making the last few Warp Spiders of a unit flee from combat after the Tactical sarge slapped one with his power fist. 

As you can see, theres not much left on the chaos derby table! 

And finally, had to show off Liams Storm Eagle, such a nice looking flyer! 

And so battle was done, and the Imperium had won 6-0. Despite the score it was close and we could have lost a couple of objectives easily. The best part? We had a huge amount of fun! It was really nice meeting the guys too, and we're hoping to do battle once again in the dark future... where there is only war! 

For me, my favourite highlights were...

Using my Callidus assassin for the first time ever, despite having the model for about 15 years.
Getting all my other vehicles weathered in time and being pretty proud at how good they looked on the table, very chuffed! 
Holding my own against Necrons, I don't know how to play against them that much so was happy with how well I did not to let them get in my face.
Seeing everyone get on well and having fun. This hobby is community driven, and its awesome that a set of rules in a book can bring together number of people together who have never met and get along easily. 

So a great day and hopefully more to come, Rhys has already mentioned about organising another game. Hopefully we'll have a few games on at one time and just a couple of players per side to each table so it runs a little quicker. All in all though, awesome day!

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