Friday 19 April 2013

Tau Army Update: Pics and Video

Well look at this, more blog and vlog updates! I've got a couple of bits towards my Tau in the week, another crisis suit to turn into a commander and also another squad of Firewarriors. Upon my return, I found that I had enough parts to make another 13 firewarriors from loose sprues after a second hand purchase... oh well! Can't get enough! 

Heres the broadside, such an awesome model!

Better view of the gun, love this model! 

Heres my new crisis suit commander, air fragmention projector and fusion blaster, weapons of choice from now methinks!

Heres almost all of what I have so far, minus the riptide, another 12 or so firewarriors and a devilfish. Oh and some kroot if I really want em ha. Must have about 40 or so but just unsure I wanna use them... shall see!

Heres my Fireblade Cadre, Leo' Audo. Yep, TNMT theme!

Ah objective markers! I have to say, we built these for our campaign weekend and they were an absolute joy. I'm gonna do some more when I get more bits for the Tau and my Marines. Also pictured is the Limited Edition Ethereal from a past box set, ooh tempting to try paint him but not good enough!

And heres my new Vlog showing the army off a bit more. Note the new intro!


  1. These Tau are looking sweet dude! That broadside is a beast, and although you've done a stellar pony job on it I'd love l see one painted all purple ala shockwave!

    1. Ha I know man, I did take a pic of the riptide and shockwave together, ah they looked like a happy couple=] They're coming along slowly, wanna get more troops done so I can take 3 squads of at least 10, then the drones and pathfinders methinks!