Tuesday 9 April 2013

Rescue the Squat: Batrep.

"Thornarim nodded at his newest recruit and looked back at the target. The Chaos Marines standing nearby were so far unaware of the Squat and his scouts watching them. Thornarim and his unit had been sent to recon the area, reports of Chaos forces gathering meant a force of Evandalists and Imperial Guard were dispatched to take care of them, and the venerable old Squat had come to seek them out. He tiptoe'd over the window ledge, and noted 3 Chaos Marines in red bloodstained armour stood near a crossroads in what used to be a thriving city. The traitors were part of a patrol, and were soon moving on past the building the Scout squad were using as cover. "Shiori, They be here. We await your presence book keeper" he said into a small device. The scouts took up position in the building, weapons ready. All of a sudden the floor underneath them erupted with noise, a man screamed as bones could be heared snapping. Thornarim motioned for quiet, and slid over to a gap in the floor. He looked down and saw two Chaos Marines hold a man on the floor, his legs already seperated from his body. The man cried and babbled, then one of the traitors stamped on his head, crushing the mans skull beneath his armoured foot. The old Squat moved back gently, but heard something small fall across from him. Elrynd, the new recruit, had been looking through another gap, but as he moved away a few minor pieces of rubble had fallen off the edge and alerted the Chaos Marines that someone was above them. Three heretics presence was felt almost immediately as the bounded up the plascrete stairs and confronted the old Squat and his 4 scouts. The scouts fired off shots with their sniper rifles as the Bezerkers pounced on them, one tripped but quickly regained his balance as one sniper shot hit him in the thigh, while another was shot in the shoulder pad which did little to heed his haste. Thornarim leapt towards the third with his combat blade already drawn, dodging a chainaxe while planting the blade into the Bezerkers neck. The Chaos Marine slumped as blood streamed out of the gap between his helmet and torso armour, Thornarim turned to see how his scouts had faired. All four had quickly been dismembered by the other two Khorne worshippers, Thornarim felt confident against one, but the other had more scars across his face than a war torn world. As they lunged at him they suddenly changed direction, one fell to the floor with a gaping hole in his head, while the scarred brute slammed into the wall and collapsing it into the next room. Thornarim quickly remembered his time with the guardsmen. While drinking some of the ale the guardsmen had, some had mentioned rumours of an assassin in the vicinity. Could this be true? The halfling quickly searched for the Bezerker who'd gone through the wall, only to see him rise, dust himself off, and once again lunge at the Squat. As the Chaos fool jumped onto the Squat his chainaxe suddenly fell as another high velocity shot tore his arm off. It did nothing to slow him down as he landed on Thornarim, headbutted him and then started to throttle him with his one hand. The old scout sergeant found a large rock, and started to pound it on the Bezerkers skull. Blood starting pouring down from his wound, but did nothing to loosen the traitorsgrip. Thornarim could feel his fight quickly disappearing, his eyes beginning to fail and his breathing becoming hard. He felt himself falling unconscious, and his last sight was the Khorne Bezerker staring at him as its foreheard quickly exploded, brain matter and blood showering the room, then the world was black."

And so the scene is set! Myself and Alun teamed up in an attempt to rescue my fallen Squat sergeant Thornarim Nafni, after Shiori Kiyoshi had received a comms from him but did not get another reply shortly after. We would be fighting the vile combination of Adam and Chris as they used Plague Marines and Khorne Bezerkers. 1500 points per player, Hammer and Anvil deployment!

Above you can see deployment, I had Shiori and a ten strong unit of Sterguard in the Crusader. Below, are Adams reserves, and the pitcure below that is my Stormtalon and Aluns Inquisitor and Grey Knights. 

My Crusader took a penetrating hit in the first turn stunning it, making it unable to move. This cause my lne to slow although Erasmus Torgeaz and his fellow bikers flew up the left flank, intent on destroying the Hellbrute and swinging back in to take down the Bezerkers Rhino that headed towards my lines.

Another unit of Khorne Bezerkers were quicly upon Thornarim, and bundled him into their rhino the turn after. This did not look good! 

Kharn and his fellow Bezerkers bounded out of their Rhino, intent on butchering the Guardsmen in front of them. Epistolory Shiori Kiyoshi and the Sternguard quickly disembarked out of the Crusader, its guns taking down the first few traitors, quickly followed by Shiori focusing his mind and unleashing a blast against them, killing another two. The Sternguards guns blazed away and Kharn fell as his armour was riddled with special-issus ammunition. One Bezerker stood, but was soon gunned down by the relieved guardsmen.

As Torgeaz aims his squad for the Hellbrute, the air grew warm as a unit of Nurgle Terminators teleported just 20ft to their right. Torgeaz motioned for the squad to continue as he steered straight for the Terminators, bellowing how his axe would be their end. Their champion stepped forward to meet the Space Marine captain, his chainfist buzzing away hungrily. It caught the side of Erasmus' arm and drew blood, but Torgeaz swung his axe around caught the Terminator in the head and cleaved his helmet in two. The other Terminators now strode forward, eager to prove their dominance, but none could outmatch the grizzled Captain as he took them down one by one. 

The biker unit set their eyes on the Hellbrute who had cripsed one of their number with its multi melta, and unleashed their own melta weapons at the beast/machine. The hot stream of melta tore straight through the Hellbrute and it slumped to the grounds, horrible screams coming from within its torso. As the Bikers veered around its huge carcuss, a greater target loomed into sight, a Defiler.

Typhus and his huge number of plague zombies had shambled slowly forward, overseeing the rest of the forces were carrying out his masters wishes. The Squat would be a good plague bearer, and papa Nurgle would smile wryly as one of the rare subhumans would bloat up and become a haven for flies and disease. Suddenly, Typhus became aware of a presence, and as he turned around the air fizzled as an Inquisitor and some Grey Knights appeared in front of the Chaos Champion. Their psycannons and storm bolters blazed into the walking dead and tore most of them to pieces as Typhus immediately strode towards them. Another Hellbrute noticed the Grey Knights and started to shift its enormous weight towards the terminators, eager to spill loyalist blood. 

The Grey Knights managed to evade most of the Hellbrutes blows, and planted a coupel of Krak grenades just under its torso. The first explosion did nothing and a maniacal laugh burst from within. It looked down upon them in pity as its giant mutated fist raised to deliver another blow, and the second krak grenade exploded turning its torso outwards and buckling the heretical machine. The Grey Knights quickly turned to see the Inquisitor lose his leg to Typhus, whose scythe swung through the Terminator armour the Inquisitor wore felling him. As Typhus turned his attention to the Grey Knights the Inquisitor swung his Hammer into the back of Typhus, the blow sending him spinning around and his scythe lunged intot he Inquisitors head. The blows from each force weapons taking the others lives, killing each other in one almight moment.

The Bezerkers Rhino had been wrecked, and now they carried their captive towards their lines where reinforcements laid wait. The form of a defiler was an easy target for aid, and the Chaos Marines headed towards the ancient daemonnic machine. As they did so, they were fire upon from all angles. Traitors fell as the guardsmen and Sternguard carefully aimed all their weapons at the Khorne followers, butchering them all as Thornarim was dropped to the floor. The Defiler saw the prize, and started to bound forward to capture it. 

The bikers took aim at the Defiler as its attention was turned elsewhere, the first Melta shot missing but the other hit the beast in the side. Feeling the superheated beam the Defiler turned around quickly unleashing a battle cannon shot at point blank range, killing three of the bikers and then swiped away the last with one of its gian crab like claws. 

The metal beast quickly turned its attention to the fallen Squat just as a Tactical Squad moving in to carry him. The Defiler leapt forwards to stop them but was blown out of the air as the Stormtalon swooped in, krak missiles taking out its claws and assault cannon churning into its body. The other Chaos Marines could see the battle was lost and much of their number had died. The retreated out of the building and were able to get away. Thornarim opened his eyes, feeling something wet upon his brow. Above him was a guardsman and Shiori Kiyoshi, Epistolary of the Evandalists. "Trouble?" asked the Librarian. Thornarim stared at the psyker intently, before letting himself smile. "Aye, any left?" "None that we're aware of, it looks like one unit got away that were station in that building." Thornarim spat as he rose to his feet, his body aching and cuts and bruises making him feel sore. 

"Those bastards are mine, I've got some laddies to avenge."


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    1. Ha cheers man! Much appreciated=] I do try sometimes, this is a week late, but its going to keep some battles linked, so expect more!

    2. Dude!

      As Rob said, that's the best battle report ever. I love how you've put so much story into it that I NEED this in my games now!

      Cracking work man!