Thursday 11 April 2013

Riptide WIP

So the Tau thus far are treating me very well. I'm at three wins and a draw, and have another game monday where I may use them as allies to my Evandalists. The Riptide has done ok so far, although not as much as many people may think. Its the newest biggest unit the Tau can field, it will attract a lot of fire thus scuppering its potential, but this has helped my main gunline survive longer and be more effective as the game goes on.

I've got some highlighting left to do, then theres detailing and the base. I'm going to look for some bits to scatter on the base, keep it simple but add a few touches. Details wise I want to add some markings but I'm 50/50 using transfers or painting them on. Not sure my skills are good enough so its a hard decision!

I'm thoroughly pleased with how its looking so far, next up will be the Fireblade Cadre and the Pathfinders, and a few more Firewarriors I think. Then I may make a drone squadron as I've been hearing some very good things about them... especially when used with a commander where you can use his BS on the drones... oh momma! 

I'll post another update, possibly via a video about my Tau, how they're coming on and the general idea behind the theme. A clue? They're from a new sept called Te' Emen Teau. Observant readers will know from posts but its been a while! 

Thats it for now folks=]


  1. I'm just curious how tall is the Riptide? A warhound titan is 10.5" depending on the pose according to forgeworld, and this Riptide has to come pretty close with it being twice as tall as the other suits.

    1. I'd say its between 5-6 inches tall, twice the size of the other suits, and twice the size of a Space Marine dread. Its also got an inch or two on a dreadknight!