Tuesday 26 February 2013

Mugs and Mini's... Winner!

First of all. thank you to all my new followers on the blog and especially to the people who sent in their pictures.  I'd like people to keep sending pictures in if they have some so we can have a gallery of our mugs and minis! I've had some great pictures, with some lovely models in them. So without further ado... lets have a looksie!

Chris Benner sent in this looted Dark Eldar raider, great piece and I think its been suitably Orkified!

Adam Such was a gem and sent in two pictures. 

"My fiancée painted this as a special treat for me when I was at work, I was absolutely 
speechless when she showed it me...only her 4th ever miniature painted and the detail 
is perfect, even free handed some lovely leopard spots. In the style of joey berry 
 I even gave him a nickname...stewie "griffon". Fair shout, Adams got a great fiancée,
you keep a hold of her because that Griffon is lovely. Just keep buying her lots of paints!

And speaking of Adams other half, here she is with her own entry!
"A picture of the high elf Mage I painted for my fiancée ;)
Notice the ring of flames he's standing on (he says fire lore is best as there only 
really Mages if they make things go boom lol) 
I enjoy painting and a lot of time and effort went into this as I know the pleasure 
my partner gets from well painted miniatures. I hope you enjoy this as much as he did! :D" 
I can safely say that mage looks cracking fair play, I can see a lot of jealous blokes wishing their other 
half painted would paint them some mini's as well as these!

The next entry was from Ieuan over at his Sons of Isis blog, and is well worthy of being followed! His Necrons are a treat to look at, so get yourselves over there! 

This entry is from the Tredegar Reavers own Huw, and is one of his Pirate miniatures from his very own game, 'No Quarter'. This mini was also the newest one he'd sculpted for it, its just a shame we can't see more of his pretty face! Keep an eye out for more of No Quarter in the coming months, we'll be making a video at some point to show off how it plays=]

The next entrant needs no introduction, its Joeyberry herself! She's chosen her Lizardman Slann Mage Priest and theres no wonder why. "Me and my favourite model. Tywin Slannister! Its a tie between him and Morgan Treeman but I've always loved the look and detail of the mage priest and the game of thrones theme puts him in as the winner." This is exactly what we need, more Game of Thrones themed minis!

John Burrows sent this picture with his precious! "The miniature in the photo is a Libby the Conqueror from Hasslefree Miniatures, she was the first miniature that I've ever painted from start to a finished state that I was happy with. Since she was my first ever entry into a painting competition and I was just getting back into the hobby at the time I decided to try out washes, freehand and other techniques that I've been reading about online. These techniques helped me win the competition and gave me a miniature that I was proud to have on display on my computer desk". Theres nothing better than doing a good enough paint job on a mini that makes you want to show it off, great job Sir Burrows! 

Regular readers know this venerable gentleman, its Mike, also from my own Tredegar Reavers! This was his first ever miniature from many moons ago, I think he mentioned in the mid eighties. Its nearly as old as me, and is Mikes pride and joy.

Any frequent follower of the 40k page on Facebook may recoginise the name of our next entrant, Mr. Nat Sinclair. "Attached is a rather unflattering photo for you!
Its fine, I'm a servant of chaos - I don't need to look pretty like Sanguinius :-P" Well that beard gives you the thumbs up in my book you handsome devil, great paint job too on one of Slaanesh's favoured sons!

Ah suddenly the noise of life dissipates, and the buzz of flies becomes increasingly loud... it can mean only one thing, its Nurgle Command aka Adam! He's chosen his Nurgle Sorcerer, and having seen this in person I can't say I blame him for this being his fave mini! He's done a great job with his greens, and the model is lovely. It also failed to kill my tactical squad so its good in my books! 

The beaming smile, the handsomely chiselled jaw, it can only be Templars Crusade himself. Not only could Brian not choose a model or a squad, he's sent a picture of himself with his Black Templars army, and wowser! How many of us would love an army not only this size but so well painted? I'd say all of us! If you haven't seen any of Brians videos on youtube I highly recommend going to the link above, and become inspired by this cheerful talented chap as he has some of the best videos on youtube!

Rich Chapman has had the pleasure of painting the first Primarch release, Angron. He must have enjoyed it as he chose it as his fave mini, and it looks great. This is such a stunning model, look how carefully those hard working hands hold the majestic crazed primarch. He enjoyed this so much he's looking to go all Pokemon on the Primarchs and collect them all... Can't wait to see this collection!

Another one of my Tredegar Reavers brotherhood, heres the elf boy Alun! Here he shows off his favoured mini, an Inquisitor! Its a great combo of kits and looks really nice, but I'm yet to meet him on the field of battle. Not only is Alun a handsome lad, but he's a great person to play against. Whenever we play we have a huge amount of fun, its all about the narrative when our forces collide!

And so, the moment you've been waiting for... the winner! 

Drum roll please....

Its this handsome fella! Koen Dijns, aka FearGFX and this lovely Tyranid Carnifex. I say lovely, I'd cry if this was coming at me from the other side of the table! Another one of the people you should be subscribed too on Youtube, he has some great tips on painting that you should all check out. Well done though Koen Dijns, you have been randomly selected as the winner!

If you would like to send a picture of you and your fave mini, I'm looking to collect them all and start a gallery somewhere, possibly on Facebook! When this happens I shall put a link up on here for you all. 

For now though, thank you to everyone who entered and followed my blog, lets see what I can do when I get to 40k views!

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