Friday 22 February 2013

Abbadon and Loken... Thoughts.

So when I went to games day 2012, I was excited about seeing the first workings of Abbadon and Loken. Reading about their simmering rivalry was one of the highlights of a very good trilogy of books, I'm sure I'm not the only one! Well, Forgeworld have finally finished and released them! Without further ado, lets have a look!

So these guys on the display look great. There's interactivity between the characters, and the rubble looks pretty cool. Lost of nice little details there! 

 How awesome does Abbadon look? I can see people wanting this version with a bit of conversion (Daemon Weapon anyone) to use in their Chaos armies for 40k. The current model is in need of an update badly, and here it should be!
 Now Loken. I'll be honest, I didn't see him like this when I read the book so I'm a tad disappointed. I thought he'd look a little more like this guy...

Yep, this Space Wolf Blood Claws sergeant artwork is awesome, and this is who I pictured when I read about Garviel Loken in the HH books. Not as feral looking as this, but similar spikey hair and a rough 'I don't take no shit' look on his face. What FW released though looks a lot more retained and well looked after. Its a great model, but when you picture something in your head its hard for anything to live upto it, and thats whats happened to me! Its a great set though, although £55? When you think Angron has 2.5 other marines on it, and looks like theres more resin on there... yet its a fiver cheaper! Hmm, odd I think. 

What are your thoughts though ladies and gents?

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