Tuesday 26 February 2013

Special Guest BatRep!

Welcome all to another battle report, this time against a special guest! If you enjoy the evil odour of the Great Unclean one, painting Chaos Space Marines in a mucky green scheme, and your best friends are a bunch of flies, you will know Nurgle Command from his blog and also his youtube channel. He's also known as Adam, and is one of the nicest guys you'll meet, especially being as he is a fellow Transformers fan!

We initially decided to play 1500, but Adam mentioned he wanted to fit a defiler in so we upped the points. More models, more fun! We rolled off for mission and got Crusade, with 4 objectives. I won first turn, but then Adam stole the initiative! Damn! Deployment in the following pictures.

Check out Adams Forgefiend, how disgustingly good is this? Adams army was a treat to look at and the battlefield looked great with two painted armies on. More of this please!

 So the first turn, Adam advanced with his force, with his defiler taking the only shot, kiling two Space Marines and making the other 3 members of the unit to run. Ouch! Knowing this would be a threat if not taken care of I tasked my combi melta toting sternguard to try and take this out and in true form they were upto the task.

I think my shooting elsewhere was pretty lacking, and caused no other damage. Killing the Defiler did however get me first blood, good start!

The Death Guard silently advance once more, the Forgefiend targetting my vindicator and taking a hullpoint off, also stopping it from moving and shooting next turn. The Deathshroud shoot at the sternguard and gun down two with their combi-bolters, but luckily Typhus' physic test was failed and saved them from certain doom for a turn.

Both of Adams plague zombies meet an end too, one in combat against two combat squads, and the other to a lot of shooting to clear them off the leftmost objective.

The Death Guard sorcerer deep strikes down next to my rearmost tactical squad, threatening my objective. If I could not get through his terminator armour I would be in serious trouble next turn when he assaults... and assault he does! Having to challange my Sergeant, I decline so I can at least try and overwhelm him The sorcerer goes first, hits, but fails to wound! After shooting him and getting him down to one wound I need to cause one more to strike him down... and I barely manage it! I get two wounds and Adam fails one of the armour saves. 

My Thunder Hammer terminators storm out of my Landraider and assault the forgefiend, wrecking it easily. They then consolidate over towards the hellbrute in an effort to clear the objective of the vile Nurgle followers.

Adam charges the hellbrute into the terminators, and with help from a weakening psychic attack which takes my guys down to ST and T 3, the combat spills into my turn where I finally get enough penetrations to wreck it. Then comes Typhus! He and his Deathshroud bodyguard swarm into my Termies, Typhus challanging my Chaplain, Orneus Gyozo. Gyozo strikes Typhus with his power fist, making the Nurgle leader stagger back for a second but then he sweeps his sythe and kills my chaplain outright. Warlord point to Adam! Both of our terminator squads take each other out, leading the dangerous Typhus free to contest the nearby objective and sluaghter the combat squad nearby. I tried to pour firepower into him but he just would not die! 

A couple of vindicator shots onto the Plague Marines holding the objective in Adams deployment zone. Over the course of the two turns however one plague marine survives and holds the objective. Yet another nurgle follower that will not die! 

Elsewhere I'm able to capture the middle objective and still control my own in my deployment zone.

The game ends and I've won 7-4. Fair play to Adam, he kept going even though his dice rolls were terrible, its not often I feel sorry for a Traitor! He is a great opponent though, and has already asked for a rematch in the near future to claim glory for Papa Nurgle. Any time, any place!  Go check out Adams blog and youtube, linked in the intro for more about his Deathguard, they really are a treat to look at and he's an entertaining fellow on youtube!

One other thing, I'll be announcing the winner of my giveaway tonight, I've had some great pictures and new followers and you'll all be in the draw, so eyes peeled!

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