Wednesday 13 February 2013

Evandalists vs Chaos Batrep

So here we go again! 1600 point battle report me vs Chris. We've had several games now, so we sort of knew what to expect. I haven't lost to Chris yet 1v1, but you never know when that streak will break.

My rough list was Landraider with Chaplain, assault termies, shooty termies, sternguard with combimeltas in a drop prod, vindicator, two tactical squads and a storm talon. Chris had Chaos lord with termies in a landraider, chaos marines in a rhino, bezerkers in a rhino, helldrake, vindicator and an obliterator. Fairly similar forces then! We rolled for mission and got Purge the Alien. Victory points ahoy! 

Chris won the roll to set up and deployed his two rhinos fairly centrally, obliterator on a high up building, landraider to my right and vindicator on the left. I avoided the vindicator, and set up everyone more or less on my right flank. I failed to seize the inititive but did not mind.

Chris advances with his tanks, and the vindicator speeds over to get into range of something, which may take it a turn or two. His shooting fails to do anything, except the obliterator hones in on my vindicator, and blows it to pieces with a lascannon shot. First blood to Chris! 

I quickly strike back however, as the drop pod sternguard arrive near the chaos land raider, and my own land raider swivels into action to pin down the advancing rhinos. The sternguard score 4 hits on the land raider, glances with one and two penetrations with the others. One stunned and one explosion. Great start! That'll slow his chaos lord down, either he'll have to take out the sternguard or leave them harass them from behind as he slowly advances. The landraider takes aim at the two rhinos, and both follow suit of the land raider. Two rhinos blown up and the traitors no long have any transport. Never have I had such an efficient first turn! I kill a couple from the chaos marine squad with some bolter and plasma cannon shots and that closes the first turn. 

The helldrake comes on, and swoops in towards my tactical squad. I know where this is going.... The Chaos lord and termies spy the sternguard and advance towards them, guns aimed and chainfists whirring. The helldrake blasts a torrent of daemonfire into the building where my tactical squad are and kills 8 of them in one foul blast. Those things are horrid! The Termies take down one of the sternguard and the ensuing assault slaughters the rest. "They earned their points!" I scream as I shake my fist at the chaos scum! 

In my turn I disgorge the chaplain and termies and get ready to asasult the last of the chaos marines, but the storm talon fails to show up. Shooting is a little ineffective this turn, but the Chaos marines are wiped out in combat, although I lose one termie to overwatch. Chris turn and he charges in with his bezerkers and chaos lord. Now, I fancied my chances here as the chaos lord only had two guys with him, and there were only about 6 bezerkers left. After both units fired I only suffered 3 wounds. All needed invulnerable saves, of which I should have saved two. Yep you guessed it, I failed all three. I now felt I was buggered! The bezerkers charged first, and so I challanged their champion with my chaplain who dispatched the khorne fed bumpkin with his crozius. The lone termie however couldnt manage the shee number of attacks and died. 

My turn now, and I advance my shooty termies to take aim at the obliterator. The landraider moves again, but no storm talon! As all of Chris' troops are in combat I have little shooting other than to try and blow up his vindicator with my landraider. Whuch he does! I then fire the 5 termies at the obliterator, and miss with every single assault cannon shot. I score two measly wounds and mutter to myself wishing for some luck. Chris rolls to save the wounds and gets the snake eyes! Obliterator dead. Phew! The mistake I made here though in advancing the termies they would now be in range to be assaulted by the winners of the combat against my chaplain, who of course loses because of so many attacks. 

What happens next roughly is chris assaults my other termies, and wipes them out and then gets into combat with my tactical squad who manage to kill two in overwatch and through close combat. They are then butchered! The heldrake comes back on, and vector strikes termies just as the lord assaults them but I save. I then shoot at the heldrake with the LATE stormtalon, cause 3 hullpoints. And chris saves one keeping the flyer alive! The land raider takes aim, manages to hit, and BOOM! Chris saves the penetration! Ah bugger. I wanted to kill that flappy thing! My landraider does manage to take a shot at Chris' chaos lord, and wounds him once. If he fails, it would be a draw. If he makes the save, Chris wins 9-7. Chris rolls the die....

And I shake Chris' hand and congratulate him on beating me. Its been a long time coming but he thoroughly deserved it! We both had fun and had some really odd dice rolls, where it was either a pretty bad fail or really good dice. I'll get you next time!

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  1. Great battle report. Glory to chaos! :)

    -Power Armoured Metal

    1. Thats not a good thing though! Ha. Yeah was a good game though, had a lot of fun!