Sunday 27 May 2012

Thoughts on the Stormtalon

So the fliers have officially been announced and the models showcased. Its hard to get a real grasp of the Stormtalon until a game has been played with one, which I do intend on doing. First things first though, aesthetics.

I'm unsure as to how much these fit on with the current range of Space Marine vehicles. Its influened by the Stormraven obviously, but theres just something lacking for me about why it doesn't quite work. The Stormraven is markedly different but does have design details in common with other vehicles, such as the assault ramp, and the overall aesthetic of it looking like a baby Thunderhawk. But this just looks a wee out of place. I'm hoping someone covers one in chevrons so it'll look like a bee.

The side view shows the underneath boosters, which I do like, and also shows off the tail better. Its funny though how the Ork fliers look more aerodynamic than the Space Marine flier. 

Rules wise its quite an interesting prospect. AV 11 all around, which makes it a little more durable than landspeeders, getting them shot at by boltguns and suffereing glances isn't fun. Points wise its 130 basic with TLAC and TLHB, which isn't too bad when you factor in the great speed it has at its disposal and its ability to escort a unit. The Skyhammer Missile Lancher also seems like a nice prospect, 60" range givesit the ability to fire on most points of a battlefield if it somehow isn't fast enough to get there to use the assault cannons. Money wise, at £27.50 I don't think thats too bad when its a similar size to a dreadnought and in game terms costs more too. I'll be getting one on release and hopefully get a game in soon after to share my thoughts. 

(images from Games Workshop)


  1. I have to say mate, our of the new fliers I really like the Orky one! (I know, filthy xenos lol) the Marine one is pretty cool, but although I love the Necron kits usually I'm a bit underwhelmed buy the scythes

  2. Yeah the scythes are getting a marmite reaction.... Some people love them, but others, me included, don't like them at all. The more I look at this Stormtalon the more I like it. I'm hoping to get one saturday on release, but I'm also upgrading my camera too (Full HD function, may attempt video posts!) so will see how money is looking! Plus I'll want a footlong sub=]