Monday 7 May 2012

New Photographic Setup.

So I've finally attempted to sort out the photography, as I am a keen amatuer photographer, and made myself a little box to take pictures in. They're not perfect by anymeans, but the images are a lot brighter and the white backgrounds, after some photoshop work, help create much better images overall. Which isn't that good a thing as you can now see mroe of my painting imperfections!

Its definately been worth the effort, and if anyone wants I'll make a wee post about how I did it. It makes your blog look a lot better, and helps you see what you need to improve on miniature-wise.


  1. The pictures are looking excellent, I really like that Chaplian. Is it a forge world one?

    How did you do your legion of the damned?! Love it. I may have to borrow/steal that if I get the fine cast ones!

    Finally, I really hope this post shows up this time!

  2. Haha I've noticed posts being a little lost in the warp, I now see!

    I've got a huge photographic based post coming soon, I recently took a lot of images over club in this set up of some of the guys models and I have some nice looking pictures, so they'll be up soon!

    Forge World indeed, and the Legion of the Damned were sprayed white, washed with Asurmen Blue, then I'd mix up from that by adding in more and more white at each stage. Simple!