Thursday 31 May 2012

Space Marines vs Eldar

Two games here, Both against Morgan and his Eldar. The first game was objectives, and the second was an almighty Planetstrike mission, with me defending and Morgan's Eldar attacking. So first of all, objectives! There were five objectives, and I was joined in this game by Bam and his Legion of the Damned who had 1500 points whereas I had 2000. This of course, gave Morgan 3500 points to play with. Ouch! The game itself was a few weeks ago, so some details are now lost to the inner depths of my memory. Perhaps an Inquisition probe would help.

Deployment I kept a lot of my forces off the table, with a view to bring them on later. Korsarro Khan, (who will be renamed so I can use him) was off so outflank was an option I made the most of. Bam lost his(mine really heh) Land Raider in the first turn when Morgan remembered about a falcon when his elbow nudged it, and promptly blew it up. Ouch!


The game continued as we were always on the backfoot, however Khan came on, wounded the avatar a couple of times, broke off, took out the death reapers and Eldar scouts, and then helped to rout a Dire Avenger unit that held an objective. This left one objective with anyone to have a chance of holding, I had 3 terminators and a tactical squad to try and take out Morgans other dire avenger squad to claim the last squad. The Eldar went first, focussing their attacks on my Termies. They wounded three times and I failed two basic armour saves! That was a nuisance as 3 termies or even two would have killed 2 at least, as it stood I killed one. The tactical squad then failed to do much damage and only killed 2, so I won the combat by one. One leadership test to keep the objective contested and make it a draw... and Morgan passed it. It would have been a huge steal as we barely had anything left, but we were a tad unlucky at the end. Oh well, amazing game and a hell of a laugh!

The second game was me defending a planetstrike vs the Eldar once again. In the first turn I lost my Land Raider (occurring theme) and a dreadnought, and one of the two Bastions. 

I continued to lose units to Morgans eldar, his avatar tore through another 2 dreadnoughts and he looked to be overwhelming my forces. I did not fancy my chances!

Then the tide turned! Khan came on and was able to munch through a couple of units, although again, the biker squad with him didn't last long. Banshees, fire dragons and dire avengers all dying before his wrath! My terminators and chaplain used an escape hatch to assault Eldrad and his large warlock squad, and managed to wipe them out after a few combats. My sternguard (legion of the damned mini's were used) defended the destroyed bastion by killing the other fire dragon squads and kept hold of the remains.

I managed to pinch the game and kill all the Eldar close enough to get the intact bastion to keep it from the xenos race. Score! Terminators with Thunderhammers are hard to kill, and I think I prefer to use these than lightening claws from now on, especially with a chaplain! Another fast and highly enjoyable game against Morgan, and another turnaround!

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