Tuesday 29 May 2012

40k. What I'd Like to See.

So the new edition is coming, and theres been rumours of rules and story flying everywhere. And flyers. But what would we all like to see?


Every time I see something like this, I get a nerd-on. These look awesome, and I'd love to make some myself. I'd need faces and bears there though, but thats just me. Theres long been rumours that the Squats, or Demiurg, could appear in the next Tau codex, which could be out within the next 12 months. Nerd-on. Story rumours also mention about how the Emperor mentioned to some close to him that the Tau were uncorruptable by Chaos and should be protected. This could lead to Tau and Space Marine allies. So some maths here.

Tau(squats/demiurg) + Space Marines = Uber-nerd-on.

As I've mentioned before, I've decided that at some point, I'd like to include some Squats in my SM army. It seems like this could become reality. I'm awaiting the models first however, so plenty of time, but if I can convert them enough to make a few models to integrate into my existing Evandalists, I'll be very happy. Speaking of which, ALLIES!!!

I'd like to see some 'mysteries' solved too, or at least hinted at. I think its too early for missing Primarchs to come back, but perhaps some more hints as to where Vulkan and Leman Russ are could be good. Tease us GW TEASE US!!!! If not, then just keep enriching the fluff. The fluff feeds us inspiration, and in turn better more themed games.

As a SM player, and I'm sure other players would agree, special characters are used a lot but I'd love to be able to add abilities to standard characters to help enhance them not just on the battlefield but background wise too. I love continuing the story of my chapter and will hopefully be adding the last few missions to this very blog soon. I'm also upgrading camera soon too, an extra 8mp to play with and, wait for it, 1080p movie capture. Tech-bone!

Space Marine bikes. Please, please, PLEASE update these models. They're not bad looking, but they just look so dated. These have been around since around 1998, and I'd love to add more bikes to my army but until they make new ones I'll be just using the 6 I have.

I think thats the main things, I'm hoping the rules will still be accessible but a tad more in depth. Time shall tell! What would you ladies and gents like to see? Make a wishlist!

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