Saturday 11 February 2012

Mon.. No, Different Night Gaming!

Thats right, gaming on a day that ISN'T a Monday! As you'll see from the following pics I've finally got my board at home ready to play, theres not an awful amount of room but we got 4 people around it and played a 2000pts a side game on it, and it seemed ok. Maybe it won't be the same for horde armies but for SM's and Eldar it worked.

The sides that fought were 2000pts of Space Marines commanded by myself and Bam versus Jason's Eldar and Ben's Space Marines borrowed from Jase. Bens hoping to get some Necron models done soon, should be good.

So heres deployment, me and Bam set up first then Jase and Ben. Let them come is probably my best tactic so deployment took this on board. Predator was set up so it had a choice of targets, armed with anti-infantry weapons, and the Scouts were set up next to them to again get a good view of the table. I set up a combat squad on the right on the ruins with a plasma cannon, to oppose any space marines coming down that flank. Command Squad was set up here too, along with the other combat squad to support or intercept anything coming along with the devastator styled dreadnought. My assault troops and Chaplain were set up behind the scouts to do a similar role. Bam set up Terminators on the left flank and a full tactical squad, ably supported by a dread. Then Our opponents set up! My main concern was the Avatar, and the amount of marines coming down the right. Targets!

So end of turn one, and you can see that the squad of marines on the top right are gone. Plasma cannon took 3 out then the Predator finished them off. Not much else to speak of as much of the enemy ran during shooting.

Ok, so Jase got his Eldrad and council into combat with a tactical squad, and did a lot of damage. The squad ran and luckily stopped just short of the table edge. Bams Dread having its close combat weapon blown off shot at and assaulted the 5 man assault squad then duly got charged by avatar, dread and fire dragons. The Avatar blew our dread up resulting in a 6" explosion with killed two fire dragons leaving just one left... Not too bad a death! My chaplain and assault squad readied for the charge and completely wiped out what was left of Eldrads unit. VPs!

Assault squad and Chaplain about to charge

Bams Legion of the Damned come into play and get charged in a death or glory move by Bens Captain and accompanying squad. The Captain proves hard to kill even for the LOD so I charge in my command squad and my combat squad charges whats left of a shot up black templar squad. My assault squad now on the left had just consolidated after helping our Terminators finish off the Howling Banshees after the opposing Terminators ran having lost the combat. I consolidated back 2"... which didn't prove enough!

This was what was left at the end of the game. The Black Templars sergeant and my seargent had an epic duel lasting 2 turns, with my guy just getting the edge. The LOD charged at the avatar along with my command squad, and eventually killed the best after it had killed all of the Damned marines. Phew! The assault marines had been charged by a dreadnought that was half an inch in range, and I thought they were doomed. I had nothing to scratch the behemoth and would be staring at it waiting for it to kill me until bams last terminators could come down from their own terminator duel to save me. The Dread (unluckily for Ben) kept failing to hit my marines and then only managed to kill one of the two terminators when they finally set in. The last Terminator proved just as bad and this combat ended as it started!

So all that was left on Jason and Bens side were 5 scouts and a dread, whereas we had 3 scouts, my captain, and the heroic sarge, my long range dread, predator, one terminator and 10 assault marines and chaplain. KP's was 10-5 I think, We'd won well!

Looking forward to facing some Necrons and also mine and Jasons game against Morgan and Alun on monday. Should be a good un!

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