Friday 17 February 2012

Monday Night Gaming! 13.2.12 edition

So I'm a few days late this week, oops! Been a busy week though so just one of them things. This week my game was a 2x2 battle with 1000pts per player. I teamed up with my usual adversary Jase, to take on Morgan and Alun. So my Evandalists with Blood Angels, versus Space Wolves and Grey Knights. Ouch! Also being played was a Slaanesh Marine army versus Imperial Guard and some sculpting tips being shown.

Heres Andrew showing his wisdom of the art of sculpting to the young Bam. Bam's currently working on some Legion of the Damned, no small undertaking as its his first ever attempt at doing anything in the hobby and he's gone for a force that will largely need to be converted. Mad fool! He's been using tomb king parts to add bones, and wanted to know how to sculpt fire effects, so Andrew duly showed. I'll get some pics of Bams first squad when he's finished, for a beginner they're looking pretty good!

I don't know the score for this battle between Owain's Chaos force and Louis' Imperial Guard, but I was told that the chaos filth had a battering and there wasn't much left of them! Those Rough Riders look awesome fair dues, seems they played awesome too!

So here goes mine and Jason's chance to take on a couple of tournement players. 2000pts per side, SM+BA vs SW+GK. Going into the game me and Jason had come up with a plan. I'd set up a firebase and Jase would keep his Blood Angels amongst my guys to provide a brutal counter attacking force when the other side were close enough. Only problem? We totally forgot about it.

We had 5 objectives to capture, and a Dawn of War deployment. This messed us up completely as our heads began to think of objectives. Jase can't capture any as the only troops he had were Death Company and DC Dreadnought, and my force was built to be fairly static.

Deploymet saw my force group together to bring firepower to bear, but Jase too the other side of the table. Mistake made from the off and we were'nt to recover!

Took two turns to get my 2xplasmacannon devastator squad into position, meaning the squad of grey knights ooposite advanced unmolested by plasma. Not good. Jase had confidently said after reading the GK codex that they had very little chance of harming our dreadnoughts in close combat. Jases Dread charged in and was blown up in 2 turns of assault. Oops. Mistake 2!

Our opponents, enjoying their fortune of having idiotic adversaries!

My Master of the Forge had some success immobilising Morgans venerable dread, unfortunately it was still pointing at the incoming death company. And killed several.

Jasons dread about to be destroyed, mine unable to reach the combat until the next turn. Then it got shot and was also immobilised.

The death company, although only 3 strong did manage to wipe out a unit of grey hunters thanks in the large part to Lemartes, who was butal. Just not brutal enough to take on the rest of the SW's.

My dread got charged, but had more success than Jason's dread. I believe it lasted a whole 3 turns and took a lot of damage, losing both its arms and being stunned or shaken a couple of times too. I personally think they GK's were confused by the checks and thought it some sort of visual riddle.

This is the last pic I remembered to take. The final turn and my dreadnought was gone, the predator was to be destroyed by SW scouts with melta weapons, Astoroth and Draigo went head to head, and the BA hero lost, although Draigo was reuduced to one wound with some help from my Dreadnought. Land speeder was blown apart, but my infantry was largely untouched. It was also however not in a position to prove effective. I took out many of Morgans Long Fangs but we caused little else damage and were beat. And beaten well! We didn't stick to our plan and were misinformed of what would work and lost as a result. Next time, I shall not listen to Jason!

Morgan and Alun, the next day competed in the 5 Dragons tournement in Warhammer World. People from the Welsh Games Workshop stores entered the doubles tourney, with 60 teams vying to win top place and enter the annals of history. I'm incredibly proud to be able to share that Morgan and Alun finished an incredible 9th out of 60, thus making me feel a whole lot better about losing so badly against them! Next year I'm hoping to have a go there, fingers crossed I'll be much improved too!

Plans afoot at the club also for another trip to Warhammer World and fight an apocalypse game. There may be some people playing fantasy too, but I'll be playing 40k as IU've been working on my Evandalists specially for this occasion! I cannot wait to see how they look on the stunning boards in WW, and know I'll use a lot of battery power taking pictures! We'll be sorting out soon who is going, how many points to take and I'll also try and come up with some sort of narrative, maybe playing a few games before we go to let each side try and gain some benefits in the big battle.

For now though thats it, Adios!

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