Saturday 15 September 2018

Saturday Salvo!

Well, somewhere in the world its saturday.... Todays post has been later than planned, but theres good reason for that. 

First of all, this came in the post!

 Thats right, I got me a Rogue Trader! Had some extra bits too, two brushes and some files, all from the lovely bunch at The Outpost. They're a great site with a 20% discount on GW products and a good range of other games too, always on time with preorders which is fantastic! Current plan is to paint the Nurgle side up to sell with the codex and bits specific for them. The RT element however I'm tempted to keep and convert. An Escher head on the RT's body would surely look rather splendid methinks! I can then either use the rules for Rogue Trader in 40k or as a command squad in my Astra Miliatarum army which is Necromunda gang based... we shall see, as theres Orks on the way! 

Most of my day was spent working on these...

The Nurgle Rotters are probably about 60% done, I've got some minor highlighting on the skin to do, then work on the metal by adding a shade and verdigris then the leather details. Then basing and transfers then hopefully, all set for sale! The Bloater models are especially incredible, I'm so enjoying painting these and would happily paint some more up in different colours 

When did you grow up? If, like me it was in the eighties, you might be a fan of the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon. Perhaps you loved Thnndercats too? The reboot from a few years ago I very much enjoyed too. Why am I mentioning this? Well, if you take D&D and the new Thundercats, mash em together... you'd get this.

Just being released on Netflix with very little notice, I saw it mentioned and looked into it and watched the entire series today. Surprisingly I really enjoyed it too. Its the perfect type of cartoon that'll ring a little nostalgia in the adults with some good stories, but have a little kid friendly humour too making it perfect family viewing, especially when painting! 

Speaking of D&D, I got this!

While the campaign I'll be running soon is homebrewed, it is set near the Star Mounts of Faerun, set in the Forgotten Realms. The Sword Coast is nearby and the book covers a ot of the areas I'm likely to lead the party so its a great source for ideas. 

I also purchased 200 of these little tiles.

At 30mm square, I'll be mounting different numbers of them onto card and spraying grey to use as dungeon tiles for D&D. Keeping it simple for now, but when we get into it and they get used I can add more details and even look into getting some doors and props to put on there to help with the feel. 

The coming week I'll be finishing the Nurgle Rotters off then working on some Custodes bikes to finish off a commission, then get the Nurgle element of RT painted up. Then I'll see what happens as I want a couple of weeks in Orktober to build and paint some new and old ork releases! I've got a decent sized force already but I'm sure the new buggies will find a way into my collection as well as some other bits that may be released. 

Thats all for Sun.... I mean Saturday Salvo, shall post in the week with some updates!

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