Tuesday 2 October 2018

D&D and Exciting News!

First of all, lets get the news out there now. You may have already seen me mention The Outpost as one of the best online stores around. 20% discount on GW prices and many other ranges, releases always arrived on time, and I've had some excellent customer service. Well Death By Die is now an official affiliate of the store! By clicking the link above to make orders, it gives me some extra juice to get more new releases, produce articles on them and in the long term, allow me to produce more content for you hungry hobbiests.

 This will also lead on to me hopefully within the next couple of months producing video content on youtube and linking on here, and possibly even doing some giveaways! And we all like free things don't we? Well I bloody do especially if it means I can spread the love and pass them over to the readers of my humble blog. This link now has a permenant home underneath my blog header so sign upto the Outpost and get shopping. 

Otherwise on Saturday (hence no Saturday Salvo) I ran my first session of D&D! Which also means I can soon start to going into what I've been doing in terms of narrative, miniatures painting and dungeon crafting for it! Set in a homebrow city called Cannahein, a party is needed to do the deeds that the City Guard cannot, such as deep investigation, averting great evil and generally being heroes!

So far we have Malekai, a human Paladin who is older and more experienced than the other party members. Mane, a Wood Elf Druid from the nearby Ardeep Forest looking to enhance his skills and learn from a respected kinsman that now advises the people of Cannahein, and a gifted Fighter called Throngir who grew up in Cannahein working in his fathers forge. The young dwarf has bested most of the City Guard already and together, the party were introduced and quickly put into action. Being sent on the northern path to meet a now late Dwarf Caravan, the party crest a hill after hearing a loud explosion to see goblins attacking the caravan, running off with some spoils and a hostage. They rout the remaning goblins and get the Dwarves safely back to the city. 

The party were then tasked going back to track the goblins, finding them eventually and discovering the goblins had a troll ally! After some trickery the party manage to get the troll and goblins to fight amongst themselves before the troll and a couple other goblins see what has happened and a fight ensues. Malekai goes down but Throngir, Mane and the rescued Borrick are able to down the Troll quickly and pick Malekai up. 

I've also got two other players lined up to play, so should make a good full party with some variety of playstyle and characters to roleplay, so looking forward to it!

In other news the 40k Escalation League continues and I've managed to pick up 2 very close wins against Genestealer Cult and Space Wolves, next step is 1250 points. I was hoping Orktober would be in full swing but alas, not even the new issue of White Dwarf (which arrived today) mentions of any new releases. I IZ ANGREE AN' WANNA KRUMP FINGS! 

I know Orktober will probably commence at the end of the month so may have to wait until the 1500 points tier to get the new Codex Orks smacking heads!

So thats it for now, look out for more posts soon and don't forget to visit the Outpost through the link at the top for some great wargaming deals!

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