Saturday 8 September 2018

Saturday Salvo!

Welcome to another edition of Saturday Salvo, the post where I, the larger of the Kevs, talks about whats exciting me on this most Rogue of Saturdays!

Delivery today, these beauties! 

Looking forward to getting these built, unsure which to start first but probably the Reaver Titan. Heres a close up of the Nurgle Rotters sprue... not the summer belly you want, but possibly the summer belly you got!

Heres the sprue in its entirety. The Pestigor look better now I've seen up close, berfore from photos it looked like some hippo hybrid which I wasn't sure about. Those Bloaters are just amazing though! You can be any size and still get into sport.

Heres the Reaver sprues, three of them too! I'm a little daunted by this I'll be honest, but a little excited too. No idea what weapons I'll be arming it with but I'm going for rule of cool. The best looking ones! I may be tempted to get a Warlord at some point too, but I would like to get some for myself. 

Last week I posted about the Chaos Chosen and Imperial Knights, well both went up and sold in short order, which has been a lovely boost to my confidence. A mate of mine also asked if I could sell a miniature of his and some other batches in the future so I've neatened up his Captain Lysander and listed on ebay. Hopefully I can raise him some money!

This isn't how I'd do the yellow but with it already being applied I wasn't going to go over it, so used white as a highlight and glazed over. Its not too bad but I'd have preferred Averland Sunset first and built up from there. I am happy with the scribbles though! 

So with the Chaos team and Knights selling I was able to preorder myself this. 

Yep, Rogue Trader expansion for Killteam and 40k Some of the models are just amazing and the rest are pretty damn cool too. I'll be painting both factions to sell seperately but may sell together if someone enquires so we shall see. The board I'll keep as my local club are looking to get into Killteam so can be used there as an alternative. 

Otherwise I'll be attempted to sleep, build a Reaver and Nurgle Rotters team, get them painted in the next week so I can start on Rogue Trader and some Custodes bikes too. Plus maybe attempted to get some orks painted at last!

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