Saturday 1 September 2018

Saturday Salvo!

Welcome again to Saturday Salvo, where I share thoughts about what I'm upto and excited about in the world of tabletop gaming! 

Preorders came up today for the Nurgle Rotters and Reaver Titan, both of which I've snagged to paint up. 

The Rotters team looks amazing, although I don't like the Pestigors, they look like weird hippo-beastmen hybrids and its a little odd! The Bloaters are amazingly round however, and the rotters look great. Shall probably paint these up as shown in the box with green and orange so should be interesting to see how they look.

I've stil got some work to do on the Questoris Knights I've got but they'll be done in the week, so as mentioned I've preoroderd a Reaver to paint up also. I've yet to think about a Warlord yet so building myself up slowly before I go balls deep! This is another lovely looking mini, the detail GW have captured at this scale is incredible and I'm hoping I can do it justice. This will also be going up for sale when completed!

White Dwarf shall be arriving soon and the Warhammer Community  kindly gave us a peek at a model from the upcoming Rogue Trader expansion for KillTeam. There is so much character in this model I can't wait to see the rest and what the people over at the Inquisitorum page on Facebook, well worth a look if you like stunningly modelled and converted minis set in the 40k galaxy.         

On the cover the new LOTR game is showcased, the boxed set looks really good too and the sculpts are far better than the older ones of over a decade ago. I may be tempted to get a few just to paint up for myself! 

Otherwise I've pretty much completed the Chaos Chosen team for Blood Bowl which I'll be getting photos of soon and showing them off here, as well as writing and painting models for a D&D campaign I'm starting hopefully a week tomorrow! I've got a lot of things typed up on the pc so need to start organising it so I can find info when needed and make sure it all makes sense. I've set it in Faerun, but created a new city called Cannahein where the start of the campaign at least will take place. Should be exciting and when the players have seen miniatures I'll show them on here!

What are you all excited about and working on currently?

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