Friday 24 August 2018

Saturday Salvo!

So what did I say? Satuday Salvo is back! This is just a little catch up post about what I'm upto, and anything that takes my interest in the world of tabletop. Before I carry on... behold... RESIN PORN!

This impressive individual, is Anacharis Scoria of the Dark Mechanicus soon to be available from Forge World. This guy is absolutely stunning, hes like a daddy defiler from which the defiler grew in numbers and size. Genuinely love this miniature and wondering about conversions! 

Tooth and Claw is released today, the new 40k boxed set that pits the Genestealer Cult vs Space Wolves in Primaris form. Some nice miniatures on both sides, and I may pick up the character pieces to knock up one day. In a painting kinda way obviously. 

Myself, I've been hurriedly painting away at the Chaos Chosen team for Blood Bowl and Questoris Knights for Adeptus Titanicus.

Chaos Chosen are almost done, transfers have been placed on and just finetuning some of the details before they get a coat of matt varnish, get shot (with a camera!) and then go up for sale. I've really enjoyed painting them, although I'm still learning to paint and get a contrast between areas of skin and fur. 

I've numbered the Chaos Warriors 1-4, Beastmen 5-12 and then the Minotaur (yes, theres a frenzy stoked minotaur being painted up too) number 16. I've got the Elven Union team still on sprues I may get built in the next week and started too, tempted with a brighter more outlandish colour scheme for those but shall see!

Another kit I've really enjoyed building and painting are the Questoris Knights. 

The detail on these guys are really good, even at the much smaller scale they pack a lot of bits in that make it look impressively close to its 40k scaled brethren. I'll ve very tempted to get some more of these and maybe even a Warlord to try building and paint up, but first these need some more work, transfers applied and to sell! 

Now excuse me for just a few moments, I need to swoon over this image. 

Isn't she just a beaut? Orktober is introducing not just a new Codex for the Orks but also a boxed game called Speed Freeks, which includes among another buggy, some bikes, and possibly some unknown other miniatures, the hopes and dreams of many more kits. There are so many things of the Orks that deserve an upgrade.... Deffkoptas, HQ choices, I'd absolutely love GW to release a box that literally just contains bitz. Armour panels, guns, rokkits, grot crew, wheels, just a box full of random orky wotnotz that can be glued onto existing kits (not just ork kits either) to make many kustom vehicles. Rules wise looted wagons need to come back, an invulnerable save option for a warboss would be lovely too! 

I've seen the rumour about the clan rules which seem cool, but I'll not wonder too much about that currently as its unsure if they are true or simply someone wishlisting. I can deffo see something like that though so who knows. Theres also been a lot of talk about a 'Prime-Ork'. Ghazgkull ascending to some sort of god hood? Who knows, it'd be nice to have something a bit mental like that, not just in terms of miniature or rules, but in the narrative. With a possible Armageddon encounter that could rebirth Angron its possible something awakens in the Ork world to help them combat the reappearence of Primarchs. Plus a huge Ork stomping around always looks good! 

Whats everyone else been working on? I've got a busy week coming up getting some D&D miniatures and a first session to get ready, as well as get the next batch of miniatures started. Hopefully this is just the first in a new batch of Saturday Salvo, where I'll have at least a once a week post to get written up. I should however be posting a couple of updates midweek too regarding news and my thoughts or updates on current projects. I'm also hoping I can rope in a couple of other contributers too!

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