Wednesday 13 May 2015

Space Marine Command Tanks + Update

Well, talk about feeling like a stranger in your own house!

Yes folks, its been a while since an update has taken place on this very blog, but theres been a lot happening. Unfortunately not enough hobby wise! But rejoice, for there has been some goings on. 

First of all, as a huge Space Marine fan I'm gibbering and foaming at the mouth over these new additions to the Astartes.

Behold the Command versions of the Rhino and the Land Raider.  The pintle mounted plasma guns intrigue me, but the thing I like the look of the most is the Graviton gun on the Land Raider. I'm hoping its a grav cannon, that'll be an awesome addition to the tanks armament and I'll be scooping one of those up!

I actually started to put together a box of the new tactical marines earlier this year, but so far only have this guy painted up to some sort of standard. He was used in a little tourney I participated in a couple of weeks ago which I'll have more info on in a bit. I've got another 5 marines built but so far no paint on them either. 

I did get my grubby shovels on this too. I'm still yet to play or build any of the models but I've always been an Assassin fan so felt this was a needed purchase. The quality of the board and models is stunning, and I'm intrigued that its also one play too. When I've had a few games on my own and with people, I'll share some thoughts!

Its been a while since I've played 40k, so when I heard that the Crow Valley Crusaders in Cwmbran were holding a nice little tournament I had to get down there for it. 1500 points per army, 3 games played over the day. I didn't really hope to win or anything but I did want fun as I'd been missing the game a little. 

My first game was against Ultramarines, and a player called Shane I believe. My first turn went pretty well, taking out 4 of his fivce devastators, two centurions and a few other marines. He hit back hard though and we got bogged down into a game of who can make the most armour saves. And for the first time, I actually won that stand off! Such a close game though and if the game had finished early I'd have lost but was able to grab the relic and get a win. Thats better than expected already!

My second game was drawn and lo and behold, it was Mike! Yes the same Mike that myself and Alun has had some run ins against, this time against his jetbike heavy Eldar army. Another stupidly close game but this time edged by Mike claiming my objective and being unable to get to his. As always though we had a lot of fun, and much blood was shed! His Fire Dragons saving 11 hits from a heavy flamer toting Dreadnought only for my thunderfire cannon to flatten them in a devastating bombardment. Damn those Dire Avengers though!

My third and final game was against Byron, who was using Dark Angels. His first turn went well as he killed my Thunderfire Cannon, Missile Launcher Devastators and Lascannon armed predator. I almost wept! I did manage to get back in the game though, I blew up his land raider with a single meltagun shot and my storm talon came on to down his nephilim, and the game swung back and forward until I just managed to wipe him off the board. Another user of centurions and they were pretty effective in this game as Byron managed to get closer to me and use those devastating grav cannons to full effect. Really close game though but a second win!

As the results stood at the end Mike and Scott had won, both using Eldar and I finished in a rather good 5th place out of 11. The best bit though was every game was close and every opponent was fantastic to play against. Having not played for a wee while its always a bonus to come back and play three games in one day, all of which were immensely fun. I need more 40k!

Lastly from a couple of weeks ago a game of Xwing myself, Bam and Louis played at club.

With Scum coming out (which reminds me that I'll have to show off my repaints at some point) we now have three factions for three player games. Louis took Scum, I took Rebels and Bam took the Imperials.

It was an edgey game with all of us worried who'd make the first move, Louis splitting his forces to attack both me and Bam. As our forces reacted we ended up in a fierce firefight and left Louis after a couple of his headhunters were blown up. His Slave One was unmolested and by the time me and Bam had finished slapping each other it was easy pickings for Louis. I was wiped out first, then Bam. Really good game though and the dynamic is much different to a regular two player game of Xwing.

The new ships coming out look great too, already eyeing up a K-wing, Hounds Tooth and the Kirhaxz Fighter. Hopfully some more news on when they'll be out will arrive soon.

Anyways thats the end of this update, hopefully the next won't be so far in advance!

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