Saturday 21 February 2015

Love Your Gaming

So last weekend was that time of the year everyone gets a little soppy and loved up, and for me it was no different. One of our fellow Welsh clubs, the Crow Valley Crusaders, once again had another Longest Night event. open for 30 hours people could come in and out as they like to game, or be mental and stay the entire time.

As a wee tribute to Valentines day however I made a nice wee heart, despite the terrible luck I have with them I still love rolling dice!

Obviously a couple games of Xwing was on the cards, and once again myself and Gav did battle. 150pts say 4 large ships, including 3 YT-2400s and a Falcon do battle. Fair play the game looks so much better played on a proper mat! I managed to edge Gav in this game, and so he sought revenge.

In the rematch I wondered what else I could fit into 150 points. Xwings... oh five rookies come in at 105 points... that leaves enough room for... an Ewing! I gave it a few upgrades and we got into the battle. The first turn we could fire one of my Xwings was destroyed but in retaliation all my other ships fired at Keyan Farlander in his Bwing and blew him up. Gave struggled a little from there on although he did kill Corran Horn and a couple more Xwings before I wiped him out. I really had fun with this list and can see myself trying it out again!

Some of the guys at CVC were busy building their purchases from the Heresy Weekender, Chris painting up this lovely Iron Warriors Deredeo Dreadnought. I'm still unsure if I like the model, but it is growing on me. Chris also got the event model which I'll get some pics of soon and some of the other stuff I saw being built/painted was awesome.


To finish our visit off myself, Gav and CVC Chairman Byron sat down for a game of Catan. This was about my 5th or 6th game and I'd yet to do well, so didn't expect much but a good old laugh. Yet, I actually won! I'm not entirely sure how but I pulled it off, and happily agreed to another game. At which point Byron absolutely brutalised me and Gav! I don't think I came fourth and there was only three of us playing! All in all though a great visit to the Crow Valley Crusaders, if you're about the Cwmbran area they're well worth a visit, especially when the pizza order goes in!

Back to Monday and it saw myself and Bam playing a 150 game with as many ships we could fit in. Dirty bastard got a shuttle in there! My dice rolling was terrible in this one and a rare smile on Bams face made an appearence as I gave up after losing 4 ships and only killing one of his. Eugh!

I also played against Louis who was using Scum and Villiany (from what we knew of the rules anyway) and I edged him for a win. I think when the proper cards are available (which is hopefully out by this time next week) Lou will pick it up more and be a lot more deadly. 

After that game of Xwing me and Louis had a go at a game I'd have for about a year or so and not really tried except for once, Evil Baby Orphanage. Its recommended for 3+ players but as there was just me and Louis available (Bam and Gav were having a really good game of Xwing, ended up just two hull points in it!) but we thought we'd have a go just to get a grasp for when we would play it with more players.

I absolutely adore the art style of this game, the babies being well illustrated and every time new babies would come into the time stream me and Lou would laugh at the new additions. Gmae mechanics it seems ok, it didn't take long to pick up and seems to play quickly which is a benefit. Hopefully we'll get a proper game in soon and will write about it then in much more detail. 

So this next week will hopefully see Scum and Villiany appear, and I know a of the Gwent Reavers are looking to pick some ships up, so should be interesting to see a new faction join the Rebels and Imperials. Thats it for now anyways, hopefully I'll be able to post again soon!

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