Saturday 16 May 2015

Krohmus Guard Space Marine Chapter

 Behold, the Krohmus Guard Space Marine Chapter. I recently took everything out as I wanted to see how much repairing I'd need to do but luckily, theres nothing too major. Few missing weapons/backpacks, not much else.

I'm not sure how many points I have in total, but they're not far from the 10k mark. Notable parts include...

Battle Company
Adeptus Stormwing
5 Dreadnoughts
3 Lascannon toting Predators
20 Legion of the Damned

Its all painted to at least tabletop standard but theres still a lot to do to finish models off, and theres always the temptation to add to the army too. Knight, new Command Land Raider perhaps... So many options... another being adding a second Battle Company. Yeah I'm starting to get that nuts!

Obviously the most recent additions are the Assassin Execution formation from  the boxed game but I have two already so not sure if more than one of any kind can be used but the new models will probably take the place of the old, which means I may sell the old ones and have more cash to invest into new models. I'm quite possibly selling my Imperial Guard force too, its only about 1000pts so will see what I can do with that.

Theres definately something about getting the army out though, will need to get some fixing done soon as this summer I'm hoping to work out everything I have and use it in a game, gonna be a big one! I'll be updating the background of my army soon too, how it works, some history etc. 

Where do you guys think I should head next? More scouts? I've got another ten Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield Terminators here I may paint up, perhaps a first company too? I think I'll go crazy!


  1. The life long goal of having a whole chapter...

    These are liking incredible Kev! One day we shall play a game :)

    1. We might if you ever stick to an army haha. Cheers man, they all need some touching up but one day I'll get there. The entire Chapter I would love, maybe over 20 years it'll happen we'll see haha.