Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Faiet212 and GW... Thoughts.

It seems that many people are angered with Games Workshops latest legal warnings that the 40k rumour blog, Faiet212 has been closed down. Its a shame the whole site is closed, and not just the blog posts that GW thought broke the rules. Much outcry from the internet then...

But why? Its been stated that Natfka had been issued warnings before, yet he kept on posting rumours knowing full well it could happen. It seems many people do not agree with the way Games Workshop release information, and in some ways I can understand this. If we knew what was coming out, we could save up and be better prepared for new releases. I posted many months ago about rumours and the sense of having Christmas day spoiled. I used to love getting the latest White Dwarf and seeing those nice pictures of new things and being genuinely excited. These days however, I seem to have to be aware of these things through badly taken pictures OF pictures and multiple rumours, where some are true and others arent. This can hurt those people who save, as if rumours are not true when the new product is released then they wont want the new shiny things.

While its a shame that the entire site has been shut down, I understand the reasons why. I don't however understand the amount of rage people are coming out with about Games Workshop wanting to do things their way with THEIR products. Do I sound like a GW fanboy? Well, it bothers me little. I love playing 40k, I love playing Blood Bowl and Necromunda so perhaps I am.

What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Daemonic Knights: Tau + SM vs Chaos and GK Batrep.

So myself and Bam teamed up to continue the narrative from the last few weeks. The general idea was that my Tau were holding a strongpoint, and I'd be attacked possibly by two combined forces of Chaos and... Grey Knights. Yes in terms of 'usual' fluff this is wrong, but as you read along you'll see that my ideas from a narrative standpoint hold up as they'll be Chaos themselves, ableit a very elite force of 'Chaos' terminators with a 'Dreadknight' like Daemon entity. 1500 points, PURGE!!! I also didn't take as many pictures as normal mainly because of time constraints. We had to finish early as the venue owner wanted to have a chat to us about a number of things which proved quite fruitful. 

Deployment!  Chris' rhinos were given infiltrate due to a warlord trait, and so where right in my face early on.

I was stood next to Bam when we both noticed the cultists... I began singing "The cultists came in two by two hurrah, hurrah" as Bam turned and looked at me about to sing the same thing too.

The Tau force looked Eastwards, their Space Marine allies had passed on information that Chaos forces could be in the direction as some strange power readings were taken. Leo' Audo kept a keen eye as the mist that rolled before him reminded him of a recent battle involved 'dead' creatures. He wondered how the warp could influence the dead to come back to life. The Tau knew little of the Warp of the psykers and warp beasts were but their knowledge. But these reanimated corpses were knew information and would be passed on. Suddenly an alarm went off. Leo' Audo looked at his comms device. "Enemy APC's incoming, Crisis Team Mutaia report Chaos squad using jump tech coming in from our left, ready yourselves!" Commander Ra'Fellau had issued the warning, and the markerlights from his drones were already picking out the Chaos Rhinos from out of the mist. The Riptide behind Leo'Audo's position suddenly moved up, aiming its gun at the right flank and unleashing a huge blast over the heads of the pathfinders, tearing apart a building. 

The Pathfinders had been getting into a position when they had heard heavy feet stomping towards them. Swithcing on their Markerlights they aimed towards the noise to see 5 Chaos Terminators trying to flank the Tau's main force. As the Markerlights shone on them, they could see that one was larger than the others, with more grisly trophies than the Pathfinders had seen before. As the vile image shocked the Tau scouts, missiles tore into the Terminators, but all rebounded off their armour. The Terminators failed to pause and steadily advanced towards the Pathfinders. All of a sudden, part of the building the Terminators had been working around was blown apart and with it, 3 of the Chaos Terminators. The Pathfinders adjusted their helmets and saw that two remained, one of which was killed being the Chaos Lord.

The Tau Fireblade looked on in dismay as they armour of the Bezerkers bounced most of the Firewarriors shots off, and they tore into the Tau soldiers like the Kroot hounds would tear into a meal. Turning his attention to the next target another squad of Bezerkers were heading towards the Tau lines. Leo'Audo's unit unleashed a torrent of pulse ammo at the unit but little of them fell. The Hammerhead to Leo's right took aim and blew one of the heretics rhinos up, but none fell in the ensuing explosion. As the mist started to rise he saw figures teleport ahead. They wore silver armour, and looked like the Grey Knights of the Imperium but unholy flames surrounded them. They levelled their guns at the Hammerhead and blew it up with accurate fire. Then just in front of the Tau Fireblades building, a huge squad of the unnatural terminators appeared. Leo'Audo felt fear, he knew how resistent Terminator armour could be against pulse rifle fireand knew there was little he could do. Deja Vu hit as he heard a mechanical scream and a drop pod hit the ground. Out came Space Marines who immediately began to exchange fire with the Chaos Terminators. None of the Traitors fell, but only a couple of the Space Marines died, their power armour holding true. 

A Stormraven screamed from overhead as Ra'fellau braced he and his drones for asault. He had provided markerlight fire to assist several units but now cultists were rushing his position. None fell as he shot but as they attacked he kicked one to the floor and crushed the skulls of two others by swinging his guns at their craniums. They tried to fight back, but their blows unable to penetrate the Iridium armour the Tau commander was testing. The drones tried to hit the cultists, two of them hovering into the cultists and knocking them to floor, blood spilled from their mouths. the final few cultists roared with power as Re'fellau calmly leapt upon one crushing him under his weight and kicking the other in the torso breaking his ribcage. The Tau commander glanced to his left, seeing the Crisis Suit team had easily dealt with the Chaos Raptors who had tried to sneak upon them but were having trouble penetrating the armour of a Chaos Predator. A Drop Pod shrieked down on the other side of the tank and out stepped Space Marines whose melta weaponry damaged the vehicle. Ra'Fellau's markerlighters were already on the tank when a Railgun shot impacted the side and tore a hole throw the vehicle, rendering it useless.  

The huge unit of Chaos Terminators issued a challange to a unit of Marine Terminators who had just arrived from the Stormraven and routed a unit of Bezerkers who had been hacking efficiently at a squad of their brothers. The Chaos unit finished their shouts when the Riptide lowered its gun at them, unleashing a blast of immense Ion power. 4 of the terminators killed, then plasma blasts hit them from a flanking Space Marine predator, its Plasma Annihilator cannon killing 2 more. The units then met in combat, as a huge being part mechanical part Daemon wooshed nearby. It was smaller than a riptide, but held a greatsword in one fist and a large cannon on the other. It levelled its cannon at the Riptide but the Tau walker took the impact and shrugged it off with impunity. Its returning fire knocked the Chaos contraption back and damaged it, as a Space Marine Ironclad launched itself into combat with the large being. The Daemon swung its sword at the Dread but using its powerfist smashed the blow to the side and then used its huge hammer to knock the daemon in its stomach area, smashing it open. A Chaos Terminator could be seen, its body smashed in two unable to control its large mechanical body and it dropped to the floor.

The last of the Space Marine Terminators fell, its Storm Shield unable to prevent the amount of attacks from killing its holder. The Chaplain fought the Champion of the unit, he had already been wounded and knew he could not last much longer against the skill and brutality of the Traitors attacks. The enemy stepped back, he and his unit the last alive of the Chaos force and the Chaplain took a moment to draw breath. His torso had been hit and was bleeding, a lung probably punctured. He stared at the Chaos Champion and then yelled his Litanies, rushing the Chaos Lord and readying his Crozius in the name of the Emperor. Before he could launch his attack however his vision was blinded and he staggered back, unable to see anything. As his eyes came too the Chaos Terminators were gone, teleporting back to where they came. 

Leo'Audo surveyed the battlefield. The enemy force shad been destroyed or driven off, but there had been a cost. The pathfinders and a unit of Firewarriors had been slaughtered, and two Hammerhead tanks blown up. Both could be repaired perhaps but that was for the Earthcaste to decide. The Space Marines recovered their fallen and respectful nods were shared between the Tau and their Imperial allies, each battle making their alliance stronger and honing their abilities. What the Marines lacked in technology they made up for in ability and resilience, and the Tau were soon beginning to see the strengths of their allies and know how to utilise it alongside them. And they would need too, for many battles were ahead of them.

So a win for me and Bam, but there were a couple of points I was very worried! Chris' bezerkers having infiltrate got them close to my lines and I lost a Firewarrior squad due to not concentrating enough fire on them. Killing Chris' Chaos Lord was a stroke of luck, he had a 1+ armour save, which meant I'd need ap1 fire to make him take invuns. I shot my riptide at him and his terminators, took two termies out and then chris rolled a one for his lord, which is always a fail! Good for me, bad for Chris! I also took down three of his raptors in overwatch when they charged my crisis suits, two of them having the bs2 overwatch ability. The huge amount of grey knights in front of my lines were the second worry point, the riptide taking down 4 and bam took another two down, but luckily they went for Bams terminators where they had a pretty good fight. They took down the termies but Bams Chaplain survived as the game ended.

All in all a great battle, and some nice little moments in there that translated well to story!

Friday, 19 April 2013

Tau Army Update: Pics and Video

Well look at this, more blog and vlog updates! I've got a couple of bits towards my Tau in the week, another crisis suit to turn into a commander and also another squad of Firewarriors. Upon my return, I found that I had enough parts to make another 13 firewarriors from loose sprues after a second hand purchase... oh well! Can't get enough! 

Heres the broadside, such an awesome model!

Better view of the gun, love this model! 

Heres my new crisis suit commander, air fragmention projector and fusion blaster, weapons of choice from now methinks!

Heres almost all of what I have so far, minus the riptide, another 12 or so firewarriors and a devilfish. Oh and some kroot if I really want em ha. Must have about 40 or so but just unsure I wanna use them... shall see!

Heres my Fireblade Cadre, Leo' Audo. Yep, TNMT theme!

Ah objective markers! I have to say, we built these for our campaign weekend and they were an absolute joy. I'm gonna do some more when I get more bits for the Tau and my Marines. Also pictured is the Limited Edition Ethereal from a past box set, ooh tempting to try paint him but not good enough!

And heres my new Vlog showing the army off a bit more. Note the new intro!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Alliance. Tau and IG vs Chaos Batrep.

"Gyozo looked up into the night sky of Garandus as the three alien craft came into sight. As a voice of the Emperor, he felt compelled to preach his words and thus ready the Xenos to graves. Vincent Eniko stared at the emotionless mask sat upon Orneus' head. "It is not a fight these aliens look for, at least not yet Chaplain. Read them, react, but do not initiate." Orneus turned his head towards the Evandalists Chapter Master, and took his skull helm off. "Of course my Lord, meeting aliens is one thing, trusting them, that is another." Enniko looked up and saw the craft nearing them. The Tau were xenos, this much was true, and the old Chaplain was right in that they could not be trusted. But when a common enemy shows itself, the Tau had proven themselves on the battlefield and could become a useful ally.

As the three Devilfish touched down, Eniko, flanked by Gyozo, strode forward to the middle skimmer. Its rear door unleashed a hiss and lowered itself onto the cold plascrete landing pad. Out came 6 Tau Firewarriors, who fell into line to create a small path. Then stepped out a figure in similar armour to the Firewarriors but with what could only be the Tau's own version of heraldry Eniko thought. "I am Leo'audo. I lead my Firecaste brothers here to stem a threat neither of us can allow on our doorsteps despite our own differences. It is with honour we fight beside you."
"I am Vincent Eniko of the Evandalists Space Marines. We accept your assistance in this hour of battle and in the name of the Emperor shall fight beside you regardless of differences or beliefs." Eniko nodded his head, and Leo'audo did the same. The Tau leader then strode back into his Devilfish as the Firewarriors followed him, and within seconds the APC was heading back to where it came. Vincent turned to Orneus.... "Tell Shiori the alliance is on, I want the Librarian to test their word."

Welcome all to another battle report, 3k points per side! Once again I teamed up with Alun, I took Tau with Space Marine allies, and Alun took Imperial Guard with Grey Knight allies. We played against the daring duo of Adam aka Nurglecommand, and Chris with his Khorne Bezerkers. The mission was Big Guns Never Tire, each objective offering a valuable strageic point we would battle for. This also meant our heavy support choices could capture them, very useful with myself taking two Hammerheads. We deployed and went first.

Both myself and Alun formed a formidable gunline, but we also knew if anything came close and assaulted... we'd probably have a drubbing! The Hammerheads with their incredible range took the right flank, where they could aim their guns almost anywhere on the table. The Riptide stood guard behind the bastion that occupied my Fireblade and 12 firewarriors. 

The Chaos forces also had a Bastion, in which stood a squad of havocs with autocannons, and below was a plague marine havoc squad with heavy bolters. Both dangerous to our forces! A large deathguard unit stood with Typhus, while Khorne forces mostly mustered on my right. Two hordes of Zombies took the centre behind khorne rhinos. 

Adam aka Nurglecommand looking suitably disgusting, drinking Plaguefly Bile. 35% apparantly!

The Imperial Guard were weary of the new alliance, they had heard stories of fighting beside Tau and against them. Some whispered that the Tau even inducted humans into their 'septs', although this could surely not be true. Who would turn their back on the Emperor? Guardsman Ornack looked across to the enemy line. Those traitorous scum had turned their backs, and they would now pay. 

The Imperial Guard started to rush forwards eyes firmly set on the objectives given to them. They heard autocannons firing, and as Ornack looked at the enemy bastion from where they came it was suddenly illuminated with strong beams of light. Then the Pulse Rifles of the Firewarriors sang. An astounding number of shots flew from the friendly fortification and tore apart the heretics standing atop the tower. Ornack noted the sudden silence of autocannon fire despite the chatter of other weapons. Seeing this he heard the familiar booms of battlecannon, blood red rhinos torn apart and Bezerkers flooding out of them.

"My Lord, do you feel we can trust the Xenos?" Sergeant Varyun's question was the very question that had been flowing through Shiori Kiyoshi's mind since he had been tasked with this mission. A force of Imperial Guard and Tau were repelling a Chaos force, but reports had sighted a vile Nurgle Zombie horde flowing towards the area. Chapter Master Enniko had entrusted Shiori and the Tactical Squad Varyun to drop pod down to the sight and attempt to stem the zombies from entering the battle. As the drop pod thundered down to the planets surface, all Epistolory Kiyoshi could think was how much the Tau could be trusted. So far, they had proved their word was true, but Kiyoshi would think twice about turning his back to the aliens. "The have remained honourable so far Varyun, they may also wonder if we are honourable, its time to prove it.

 Leo'Audo had seen one Chaos squad dead. Their heavy weapons were lo-tech, but were as deadly as the Tau's and would decimate his brothers if allowed, but this was now rectified. He could see Ra' Fellau zipping around with his marker drones, commanding from the front and assisting all he could. As the humans blew up one of the Chaos Rhinos, he could see a squad of the dreaded bezerkers leap out of the wreck and aim straight for the Tau leader.Then the Angels appeared.

"The sudden impact always brought a rush to the Librarian. The drop pod smashed onto the ground as the pistons hissed and the doors swung open. Landing amongst the Chaos lines the Librarian saw a Death Guard havocs squad firing their heavy bolters at the Imperial lines. Kiyoshi immediately brought his psykers abilities to the fore. As power rushed to his fingers, an energy covered he and the Tactical Squad Varyus to protect them from what would come their way as he unleashed a blue flamestorm over the Havocs. Somehow nothing happened, although bolter fire from the Tactical Squad took down one of the plague ridden marines. Shiori looked around suddenly feeling a presence, to see that from both sides they were being rushed by Khorne Bezerkers. Their numbers were small, but any number of the crazed traitors were dangerous. The Librarian then saw 'them'. Mutated, shambling hordes of zombies coming out from a mist. There were at least a hundred. Three of squad Varyus were shot apart as three of the Khorne Bezerkers hit into them. Shiori trusted them to hold them up as he would take care of the others. As the Bezerkers came within the last 20 yards, lights suddenly lit their armour, and then they were vapourised as a Tau Crisis suit used a melta like weapon to annihilate the heretics. He saw the Crisis suit do a nod-like gesture as it jumped off to assist others, and felt reassured suddenly about the alliance. He turned to see Sergeant Varyus and the rest of squad about to embrace the zombie horde. He leapt in and took down a score with his force sword, but still they kept coming."

Alun explains some dastardly tactic or how many natural extracts he uses to wash his hair. 

Ornack hunkered down from the enemy fire. Heavy bolters had slaughtered the squad, and he was left with Guardsman Jenk. "I thought the xenos were helping us!" he screamed as the air exploded above them. Ornack glanced up and saw that the immense Tau walker had unleashed a huge beam of energy towards Typhus and his deathguard. He looked at the target and could see half of the plague marines were killed in the explosion. "That helps" he shouted back to Jenk. As he turned to see his reaction Jenk launched up to reach the objective, a dead Tau with some sort of device in his hand. As the guardsman jumped over the crator bullets jolted into his body, taking his legs from under him and making him tumble back down the crator edge next to Ornack. "Shit" Ornack thought to himself, he was now the last man in his unit. He peeked up again to see more Imperial and Tau fire hit Typhus and his squad, a Forgefiend, at least what was left of it, sheltering them from some fire but still a couple of the resiliant marines fell.

The Tau Fireblade looked for his squads next target. He glanced to the right, and could see a Chaos Terminator stomping towards the Imperial lines with a retinue of Bezerkers. Just as he was about to give the order for his squad to fire the Imperial Guard line opened up, taking most of the Chaos Marines away. The Chaos Lord bellowed in defiance and stomped ever closer. Leo'Audo then saw a silver figure leap over the aegis defence line and bound into the Chaos Lord. Mighty swings of swords clashed, and both launched vicious attacks into each other. The Tau Fireblade was partly impressed, very few in the Tau culture could stand up to such ferocity in hand to hand combat, and even give back as good as they gave. The two titans fought and it seemed everything else stood still.

 Crowe returned the blows and struck out with his tainted blade. The Chaos Lord took the shot, then swung his own weapon at the Castellan, severing his arm from the shoulder. Crowe winced as the Khorne chosen took out his blade and readied his arm to strike again. Crowe used the last of his energy to pull his weapon free of the traitors terminator armour and stick it into the vision slit of the heretics helmet. The Daemon weapon was still coming at Crowe however, the Guardsmen nearby watching the battle gasping as one of their champions fell. The Chaos Lord laughed, then fell silent as his ancient terminator armour slumped to the floor motionless.

"The Marines held their own, and none had fallen of the Evandalists apart from the three that were against the Bezerkers, who had all died either facing each other or by the swarm of dead pouring over them. Varyus tore heads off with his chainsword and shot others in the face with his boltpistol, while the rest of the squad used their bolters to fend them off and shoot down zombies when their guns were free. The Sergeant ripped another zombie in half, stepping back to help free his chainsword. As he did so, 3 zombies fell onto him clawing at him desperate to end his life. Shioro kicked one off quickly as his sword took anothers head clean off by the neck. One of the squad fired bolter rounds, sprayed the decayed brains of the third all over the armour of Varyus. The Marine turned around and was suddenly set upon himself by more of the mutants. falling as their mutated limbs broke through his power armour and tore at his flesh."

Ornack took another glance, hoping not to be spotted by the traitors. Gunfire was becoming more and more hard to hear, but it still rang in the Guardsmen ears. He saw Typhus and his last few death guard walking towards the dead Tau warrior, and knew that whatever the alien ally had held, the Chaos forces wanted it. He turned his back to them about to offer another prayer to the Emperor, when suddenly the ground around him vibrated. He opened his eyes back up to see the huge Tau walker striding towards him, firing over the crator behind which he was hiding. He took another glance over the edge and could see Typhus and the Plague Marines being hammered by Ion cannon, missiles, battlecannons and Pulserifle fire. As the last of Typhus' retinue fell, a huge force struck the Herald of Nurgle and suddenly he was gone. Ornack launched himself over the crator edge and kneeled next to the dead Tau firewarrior. The device was flickering, and he would never know what it was, but he had helped secure it. The Riptide strode over into the crator, and planted each of its legs either side of Ornack and the objective, firing at the last remnants of the Chaos forces.

"Shioro leapt into the last 3 zombies and decapitated them with his force weapon. Sergeant Varyus ordered the last of his men to check for any left, but they all seemed to have been dispatched. Shioro turned to see the Tau battlesuit jetting towards him. It stopped a few yards in front of the Librarian and stood as tall as a dreadnaught, one drone hovering near the shoulder. Its small head nodded at the Evandalist psyker, and it jumped back away to its comrades. "Lord Eniko, the Tau have stood by their word. We have completey decimated the Old Enemy and all objectives are ours. Sergeant Varyus and 5 of his squad remain along with myself. Drop pod took a hammering but it still operates, its machine spirit is strong." Kyoshi closed the small communicating device built into his wrist armour and walked over to his comrades. "My Lord, it seems they do hold honour. Does this mean we can trust them?" The Librarian looked at Varyus. "It would seem that we do, at least for now. Be ready for transport, we'll assess this with Eniko and I'm sure we'll hear from our new 'friends' soon."

So another game with Tau, this time with some Space Marine allies. I wanted to take them so I could link them in with the previous game me and Alun had against Adam and Chris. Its nice to keep the narrative going! We finished the game with 17 points to the Chaos total of... 0. Wowser! I think our strengths were being able to concentrate fire on what we needed too, although Chris' Chaos Lord did get close, and I did lose a squad of Firewarriors to a single Raptor that didn't die in overwatch. Otherwise the game went well! My plan to hold up the centre of the Chaos line for a couple of turns with the Marines worked a treat, with a few surviving the game including the Librarian alive too. 

Using a Crisis suit Commander with a squadron of marker drones was amazing too, I always got at least 6 marker hits out of 8 which made them incredible reliable. Do I prefer these or Pathfinders? Close call I think! The Hammerheads did ok, although their first turn wasn't, they both hit but failed to crack the front armour of a Chaos Predator. The Helldrakes were a nuisance, but didn't control the game as much as they can. The Riptide and Firewarriors with Fireblade were my best units, their firepower tore apart Chaos squads including Typhus, who was then finished off by a Railgun shot. All in all a great game, lets see if the story continues!

Friday, 12 April 2013

Tau: Video Update and Imperial Guard Army

Thought I'd do a video blog about the new Tau, show off a couple of the models I'm painting and have a look at the Codex too. Its a beauty!

Also featured is this Imperial Guard army that one of my clubs members painted... for his brother! Lucky sibling methinks.

This is such a huge force, looks incredible! They both had an apocalypse game down in Firestorm games in Cardiff and Jacobs huge Tyranids took the win, the Imperial Guard unable to stand upto the tide of aliens. Needed some Space Marines methinks ha.

Also a wee plug for another of the Tredegar Reavers members Adam. He's embarked on a business idea and has opened his own internet store where you can buy lots of gaming supplies and miniatures! He often brings his shop to club nights and its proven a hit. You can visit his website here at Putrid Painting. He also does commissions so if you want some mini's painted give him a shout!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Riptide WIP

So the Tau thus far are treating me very well. I'm at three wins and a draw, and have another game monday where I may use them as allies to my Evandalists. The Riptide has done ok so far, although not as much as many people may think. Its the newest biggest unit the Tau can field, it will attract a lot of fire thus scuppering its potential, but this has helped my main gunline survive longer and be more effective as the game goes on.

I've got some highlighting left to do, then theres detailing and the base. I'm going to look for some bits to scatter on the base, keep it simple but add a few touches. Details wise I want to add some markings but I'm 50/50 using transfers or painting them on. Not sure my skills are good enough so its a hard decision!

I'm thoroughly pleased with how its looking so far, next up will be the Fireblade Cadre and the Pathfinders, and a few more Firewarriors I think. Then I may make a drone squadron as I've been hearing some very good things about them... especially when used with a commander where you can use his BS on the drones... oh momma! 

I'll post another update, possibly via a video about my Tau, how they're coming on and the general idea behind the theme. A clue? They're from a new sept called Te' Emen Teau. Observant readers will know from posts but its been a while! 

Thats it for now folks=]

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Rescue the Squat: Batrep.

"Thornarim nodded at his newest recruit and looked back at the target. The Chaos Marines standing nearby were so far unaware of the Squat and his scouts watching them. Thornarim and his unit had been sent to recon the area, reports of Chaos forces gathering meant a force of Evandalists and Imperial Guard were dispatched to take care of them, and the venerable old Squat had come to seek them out. He tiptoe'd over the window ledge, and noted 3 Chaos Marines in red bloodstained armour stood near a crossroads in what used to be a thriving city. The traitors were part of a patrol, and were soon moving on past the building the Scout squad were using as cover. "Shiori, They be here. We await your presence book keeper" he said into a small device. The scouts took up position in the building, weapons ready. All of a sudden the floor underneath them erupted with noise, a man screamed as bones could be heared snapping. Thornarim motioned for quiet, and slid over to a gap in the floor. He looked down and saw two Chaos Marines hold a man on the floor, his legs already seperated from his body. The man cried and babbled, then one of the traitors stamped on his head, crushing the mans skull beneath his armoured foot. The old Squat moved back gently, but heard something small fall across from him. Elrynd, the new recruit, had been looking through another gap, but as he moved away a few minor pieces of rubble had fallen off the edge and alerted the Chaos Marines that someone was above them. Three heretics presence was felt almost immediately as the bounded up the plascrete stairs and confronted the old Squat and his 4 scouts. The scouts fired off shots with their sniper rifles as the Bezerkers pounced on them, one tripped but quickly regained his balance as one sniper shot hit him in the thigh, while another was shot in the shoulder pad which did little to heed his haste. Thornarim leapt towards the third with his combat blade already drawn, dodging a chainaxe while planting the blade into the Bezerkers neck. The Chaos Marine slumped as blood streamed out of the gap between his helmet and torso armour, Thornarim turned to see how his scouts had faired. All four had quickly been dismembered by the other two Khorne worshippers, Thornarim felt confident against one, but the other had more scars across his face than a war torn world. As they lunged at him they suddenly changed direction, one fell to the floor with a gaping hole in his head, while the scarred brute slammed into the wall and collapsing it into the next room. Thornarim quickly remembered his time with the guardsmen. While drinking some of the ale the guardsmen had, some had mentioned rumours of an assassin in the vicinity. Could this be true? The halfling quickly searched for the Bezerker who'd gone through the wall, only to see him rise, dust himself off, and once again lunge at the Squat. As the Chaos fool jumped onto the Squat his chainaxe suddenly fell as another high velocity shot tore his arm off. It did nothing to slow him down as he landed on Thornarim, headbutted him and then started to throttle him with his one hand. The old scout sergeant found a large rock, and started to pound it on the Bezerkers skull. Blood starting pouring down from his wound, but did nothing to loosen the traitorsgrip. Thornarim could feel his fight quickly disappearing, his eyes beginning to fail and his breathing becoming hard. He felt himself falling unconscious, and his last sight was the Khorne Bezerker staring at him as its foreheard quickly exploded, brain matter and blood showering the room, then the world was black."

And so the scene is set! Myself and Alun teamed up in an attempt to rescue my fallen Squat sergeant Thornarim Nafni, after Shiori Kiyoshi had received a comms from him but did not get another reply shortly after. We would be fighting the vile combination of Adam and Chris as they used Plague Marines and Khorne Bezerkers. 1500 points per player, Hammer and Anvil deployment!

Above you can see deployment, I had Shiori and a ten strong unit of Sterguard in the Crusader. Below, are Adams reserves, and the pitcure below that is my Stormtalon and Aluns Inquisitor and Grey Knights. 

My Crusader took a penetrating hit in the first turn stunning it, making it unable to move. This cause my lne to slow although Erasmus Torgeaz and his fellow bikers flew up the left flank, intent on destroying the Hellbrute and swinging back in to take down the Bezerkers Rhino that headed towards my lines.

Another unit of Khorne Bezerkers were quicly upon Thornarim, and bundled him into their rhino the turn after. This did not look good! 

Kharn and his fellow Bezerkers bounded out of their Rhino, intent on butchering the Guardsmen in front of them. Epistolory Shiori Kiyoshi and the Sternguard quickly disembarked out of the Crusader, its guns taking down the first few traitors, quickly followed by Shiori focusing his mind and unleashing a blast against them, killing another two. The Sternguards guns blazed away and Kharn fell as his armour was riddled with special-issus ammunition. One Bezerker stood, but was soon gunned down by the relieved guardsmen.

As Torgeaz aims his squad for the Hellbrute, the air grew warm as a unit of Nurgle Terminators teleported just 20ft to their right. Torgeaz motioned for the squad to continue as he steered straight for the Terminators, bellowing how his axe would be their end. Their champion stepped forward to meet the Space Marine captain, his chainfist buzzing away hungrily. It caught the side of Erasmus' arm and drew blood, but Torgeaz swung his axe around caught the Terminator in the head and cleaved his helmet in two. The other Terminators now strode forward, eager to prove their dominance, but none could outmatch the grizzled Captain as he took them down one by one. 

The biker unit set their eyes on the Hellbrute who had cripsed one of their number with its multi melta, and unleashed their own melta weapons at the beast/machine. The hot stream of melta tore straight through the Hellbrute and it slumped to the grounds, horrible screams coming from within its torso. As the Bikers veered around its huge carcuss, a greater target loomed into sight, a Defiler.

Typhus and his huge number of plague zombies had shambled slowly forward, overseeing the rest of the forces were carrying out his masters wishes. The Squat would be a good plague bearer, and papa Nurgle would smile wryly as one of the rare subhumans would bloat up and become a haven for flies and disease. Suddenly, Typhus became aware of a presence, and as he turned around the air fizzled as an Inquisitor and some Grey Knights appeared in front of the Chaos Champion. Their psycannons and storm bolters blazed into the walking dead and tore most of them to pieces as Typhus immediately strode towards them. Another Hellbrute noticed the Grey Knights and started to shift its enormous weight towards the terminators, eager to spill loyalist blood. 

The Grey Knights managed to evade most of the Hellbrutes blows, and planted a coupel of Krak grenades just under its torso. The first explosion did nothing and a maniacal laugh burst from within. It looked down upon them in pity as its giant mutated fist raised to deliver another blow, and the second krak grenade exploded turning its torso outwards and buckling the heretical machine. The Grey Knights quickly turned to see the Inquisitor lose his leg to Typhus, whose scythe swung through the Terminator armour the Inquisitor wore felling him. As Typhus turned his attention to the Grey Knights the Inquisitor swung his Hammer into the back of Typhus, the blow sending him spinning around and his scythe lunged intot he Inquisitors head. The blows from each force weapons taking the others lives, killing each other in one almight moment.

The Bezerkers Rhino had been wrecked, and now they carried their captive towards their lines where reinforcements laid wait. The form of a defiler was an easy target for aid, and the Chaos Marines headed towards the ancient daemonnic machine. As they did so, they were fire upon from all angles. Traitors fell as the guardsmen and Sternguard carefully aimed all their weapons at the Khorne followers, butchering them all as Thornarim was dropped to the floor. The Defiler saw the prize, and started to bound forward to capture it. 

The bikers took aim at the Defiler as its attention was turned elsewhere, the first Melta shot missing but the other hit the beast in the side. Feeling the superheated beam the Defiler turned around quickly unleashing a battle cannon shot at point blank range, killing three of the bikers and then swiped away the last with one of its gian crab like claws. 

The metal beast quickly turned its attention to the fallen Squat just as a Tactical Squad moving in to carry him. The Defiler leapt forwards to stop them but was blown out of the air as the Stormtalon swooped in, krak missiles taking out its claws and assault cannon churning into its body. The other Chaos Marines could see the battle was lost and much of their number had died. The retreated out of the building and were able to get away. Thornarim opened his eyes, feeling something wet upon his brow. Above him was a guardsman and Shiori Kiyoshi, Epistolary of the Evandalists. "Trouble?" asked the Librarian. Thornarim stared at the psyker intently, before letting himself smile. "Aye, any left?" "None that we're aware of, it looks like one unit got away that were station in that building." Thornarim spat as he rose to his feet, his body aching and cuts and bruises making him feel sore. 

"Those bastards are mine, I've got some laddies to avenge."

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Campaign Day at Tredegar Reavers: Testing the New Tau!

And so the Tredegar Reavers put on their first campaign day: VYNDRA II. Jacob came up with the rules and scenarios, so much kudos to that man!

Armies were made from 2 x 500 forces, 1 HQ and 1 Troops unit compulsery. So my Evandalists were to be rolled out again for action! However, with a difference. Not by me! I myself was using the brand new Tau Codex, along with another person who came to play. My list looked roughly like this. 

Fireblade Cadre, 10 fire warriors, 6 firewarriors, 8 pathfinders, riptide, broadside, hammerhead, two crisis suits, and a 3 man stealth team. No drones or anything, everything was pretty basic but I just wanted to squeeze as much in to give everything a go. Leaning over winning was the main aim today!

As always, Huw was in attendance putting on a game of No Quarter with Mike, Aaron and Owain. Couple of pictures are included!

Myself and Jacob got to club nice and early to get things set up, and here are the four tables we used. There was another but it wasn't needed, so I've just included these!

My first game was against a Necron force. Part of Jacobs plan was that the first game most of your units would deepstrike even if not normally allowed, except if a vehicle in which it comes on from your table edge. A few of my units are ready to arrive, so I deep strike my Riptide fairly centrally. Scatters. Mishaps. Rolled a one. Cry. The model I'd put a lot of effort into getting some sort of painted shape was killed before it had rolled a dice! Ho hum, on with it! We had four objectives to control, so my opponent had oen unit of immortals on his, a tough test to budge! I had my 10 man unit of firewarrios and my Fireblade Cadre, on one of mine. Second turn, he brings down his Necron Lord and he scatters. Mishaps. ROLLS A ONE!!! DICE GODS WHYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! Well, bonus for me but horrid for the Necron player! In the end I was able to get a Crisis suit to contest his objective while holding my own. Game finishes 4-2 to me, Tau victorious!

Some of the other fights, Space Marines vs Chaos

Eldar and Dark Eldar allies vs Chaos

This was the Necron Lord that mishapped, lovely looking beastie!

This was Tau versus my Evandalists, commanded by Jason. He had some terrible luck, the Chaplain dying and after Jase rolled a one on the injury chart Jacob had concocted was dead for the entire campaign! Ouch!

No Quarter! in action, scurvy and crocodiles!

My next game against Chaos allies, this was a very close game. Chris' bezerkers came zooming down, I managed to blow one rhino up but out stomped Kharn who killed my broadside, but a railgun shot to the face soon stopped him. His other unit of bezerkers then failed to assault me twice and were wiped out by a combination of the new Tau rule 'Supporting Fire'. This helped give me enough sixes when shooting overwatch to make them just out of range of charging me the first time then finishing the squad off the second time. Score! The other Chaos had his Lord fly down the other flank and wiped out my Cadre and Firewarriors. Once again, a Railgun shot from across the board killed him.

My Riptide then tried to zoom foward, using the super charge I moved 17" forwards to close the gap with the Chaos objective. 7 bolt pistol shots, look at those to wound rolls! I made sure my dice saw that so they could see how to perform! The riptide only killed a couple, but it was worth a shot. In the closing moments of the game my hammerhead was able to blast apart just enough of the squad to cause them to run from the objective and off the table... thus making it a draw. Crazy game!

Some action on the Tyranid moon board.

More No Quarter, showing off the Island feature Huw had created.

Had to take a quick snap of this, the one Chaos players objective. What a beatiful piece of genius!

One of the Arena of Death matches. Being a Tau player I wasn't too bothered with this, but it was fun watching some of the other guys go at it. Moment of the Arena goes to Jason rolling a one when a fire warrior shot him for his armour save. Bad luck Jase!

Everyone had to hand in one model for the best painted award, we voted for the top three, then others voted for the top one. My Chaplain came second I believe!

Ah, my game against Alun will be a memorable one for my Tau! We were all given a special card at the beginning of the day which we could use in any game. Mine was "Was that a Lictor?" which meant I could move any one unit of my enemy 12" away from where they had been set up in  deployment. Seeing as Alun had taken an Aegis Defence Line and quadcannon I moved Yriel and his guardians out and shot them to ribbons, leaving Yriel on two wounds. My markerlights then removed the cover saves for the Eldar Rangers and Farseer who were then promptly shot at by everything in the second turn! Yriel slid around and took out my stealthsuits, and then charged the pathfinders. Overwatch from those alone took his last two wounds, result!

The enemy!

Aluns raider flew down the right, which I blew up, and then decimated the squad with fire from the Riptide. I then charged the squad and kept then held up for several turns while my army moved to capture the Relic and further themselves away. The Riptide fell, as it was incredibly hard to hit those pointy ears but the last two Dark Eldar died and Alun was wiped out. Victoy!

This was a scene as another Tau player tabled the Khorne Bezerkers, heres Kharn before he was obliterated.

This was the final game, and was a little bit different. HQ and any other unit had to go around chasing Relics, when one was controlled you had to roll a dice, if it was a 6 you'd win, otherwise it was replaced elsewhere on the table. A lot of city terrain was used for this! The only time I managed to get to one, I was able to roll the six and hold the main objective! Victory for the Greater Good.

And so the end comes, and we hold aloft our certificates. I was the owner of the Silver Throne, and, most pleasingly the best sportsmanship award too! The other Tau player won the overall campaign for scoring a shedload of victory points, best army and best mini, where as the Chaos player won the Arena of Death with his juicy Chaos Daemon Prince. Jason also won a certificate, for being the best roller of the 'one' on a D6, but could not be pictured due to having to leave early. As you can see, I'm the large ogre on the right.

So all in all a great day, we've raised a nice wee bit of money to go towards more scenary and got some good games of 40k in! First thoughts with the Tau, they're an incredible defensive army, supporting fire means anything coming close to you will suffer a few wounds from the amount of overwatch fire you can pour out. The Broadside didn't do much, but I had that mainly to take out flyers. The riptide performed well despite its terrible start, and the Fireblade Cadre's ability to add an extra shot to the fire warriors proved well worth his meagre 60pts. Unit of the day, Pathfinders. They are amazing and make the rest of the Tau so much better. Can't wait to play more games with them!