Friday 17 May 2013

The Wrath of NurgleCommand...

After weeks of battling, NurgleCommand still awaits his victory against the Space Marines of the Evandalists. The challange was laid, 2k points! We rolled for mission, and got Big Guns Never Tire. This suited me, as I had 3 HS choices, Devastators, Vindicator and Land Raider along with three troops choices. Adam, had taken three too... Ahem.


Adam won the dice off and chose to deploy first. Three of the five objectives lay in easy reach for him which could be difficult for me to shift. My vindicator set up out of the way but ready to cover the middle ground where Typhus and a large number of Plague Marines stood. My scouts deployed in the ruins on top of an objective, hoping to last out with support from the dreadnought beside them.

First turn, and I find it hard to do much damage, the only bits of note were making his cultists panic and running back and killing 5 or six marines with t avindicator blast, almost killing Typhus but not quite. 

Defiler comes into play as does a Helldrake which torches most of my scouts, ouch! The scouts are then finished off by the Havocs on the hill controlling one of Adams onjectives. The Forgefiend whittles down my one tactical squad, so I bravely hide them haha.  Turn three and I get into trouble, Scouts are gone, and only two members of my one tactical marine squad are alive. Adam has three objectives and first blood, whereas I have just the one. I surge my termies, chaplain and libby out of the landraider to kill the cultists controlling the objective on my right flank. They duly do so, but Adams other squad of Havocs unleah a hail of heavy bolters, causing 5 wounds. No problem, they're terminators right? Roll five dice... five ones. YATZHEEE!!!Unfortunately that gets me nothing in 40k apart from an audience and a lot of laughter! Ah well, at this point I thought it was over, lets just play on to see what happens. In that I lose the Libby and three terminators, the forgefiend then kills my chaplain, and Typhus charges the remaining termies. This does not look good! However, I do get some luck.

Through the fire of my Land Raider, Vindicator and lascannon from my second tactical squad I destroy the forgefiend, one defiler and havocs who were controlling the objectve on the hill... that was useful! Legion of the Damned teleport in and get the attention of the other havocs, but I only lose a few. Tyhpus and the Termies kill each other in the same round of combat, leaving my two tactical squad members to run over and capture the objective on the right flank. The vindicator tries to launch itself forward to get in reach of the top objective in Adams deployment zone but is half an inch out, but my Land Raider claims the objective in my deployment zone.  

We count up the victory points and I've pulled off a win! We also realise that Adam took 5 HS choices, sly old Nurglitch fiend! This gave us great amusement though and added to the fun of it all. I really thought after turn three Adam was on his way to beating me, but I had an amazing turn 4 I think it was and managed to get back into the game. It was a really fun battle though and throwing those 5 ones was hysterical, although I don't want to make a habit of it again!

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