Saturday 18 May 2013

Fulgrim: High Res Image

Since the release of Angron, 40k and Heresy addicts have been awaiting the release of the next release in the line of Primarchs, Fulgrim. I thoroughly enjoyed The Emperors Children book, especially the relationship between Fulgrim and Ferrus Manus. With the Forge World open day we finally have a proper look at Fulgrim himself. I'd seen some posts on facebook but the second pic down was a smaller resolution, so if you open it up in a new tab/window you can see it in a nice high res format. Looks stunning I must say, and I may be tempted to pick him up!

I'm really digging the base too, like Angron its a little mini-diorama in itself. I'm curious as to whether they may do a 'duel' base for when they release the Iron Hands Primarch that makes it look like they're battling each other, would work well perhaps!

Heres a colour picture too!

A couple of other pictures I've seen from the FW open day, the Istvaan Massacre battle and also some new Mechanicum units...

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  1. I was at the HHWeekender and have lots more photos on, feel free to share!