Monday 17 December 2012

Deathshroud Revealed

So Forge Worlds little bit of fun has finally been revealed.... and its just what we all thought.

The Deathshroud.

I believe these are the elite of the Deathguard, bodyguard of Mortarion, which could mean the Primarchy will be available soon too. Exciting times!  Here are a few of the images released by Forge World

I think they look pretty awesome, really want to see someone make a Typhus conversion using one of these as a base as I think theres the potential there for an amazing model.

What are your thoughts? Impressed? Disappointed?


  1. Impressed.

    I was just thinking Typhus conversion, but don't look at me. I'm not a one for Nurgle.

    1. Well at our club we have a nurgle player, so I may try and coax him into doing one as his conversions for his Death Guard are amazing... see what I can do!