Tuesday 18 December 2012

Blood Bowl All Dayer and the Night After

So our Christmas all dayer at club has come and gone, and boy did we have a blitz! We got four games of blood bowl in, there was some 40k, and the pirates squng their hooks around in the air again too!

So blood bowl consisted of 4 players... Me, Morgan, Alun and Louis. 3 human teams and Morgs Norse didn't mean much in terms of diversity, but it did become very much about tactics as we knew all the strengths and weaknesses of the others! 

My first game was against the Norsemen, and it started well but then bad dice rolls started to affect my game..

And I lost 2-1 in a reasonably close game. Louis on the other hand gave Alun a thumping... 4 or 5 - 0 I believe... ouch!

Owain was a miserable deck swabber...

Cappin' Huw soon put paid to that with a healthy dose of encouragement! 

Heres the game between Louis and Alun

Things like 'Billie Piper went for it but fell!' and 'you killed Elle Macpherson' were just some of the hilarious things heard during games with Louis and his Bunny Girls.


I somehow forgot to take pictures of my game against Alun, probably because it was incredibly close and exciting! We ended with a 2 - 2 draw and smiles on our faces. Morgan lost 1 - 0 to Louis in a really close game. This left me against the bunnies and Alun and Morgan to play! I needed Alun to beat morg to make it to the final and beat Louis who had won his previous two games... No chance! 

However... there was one... I beat Louis 4-0 in a one sided game, where dice rolls decided to be my friend! I managed to injure a few of his players and he was unable to stop my ogre bounding around picking on swimsuit clad ladies. 

Alas, it was not to be... Alun lost to Morgan and I was unable to play in the final despite my confidence. 

And the final? Morg won 4-1, the injuries I cause on the Bunnies meant Lou was missing a couple of players giving Morgan an advantage from the get go... and a big win. What an awesome day though! It made me realise how much I miss Blood Bowl and I hoped to get my revenge against Morgan... Luckily... I didn't have long to wait...

 Next night we arrive to club and eagerly set the board up. Myself and Morg have a match, both extremely confident, me coming off a big win and getting a couple of advances and a lot of money to buy a blitzer and a catcher, and Morg having a rising star player in a ST 4 runner....

Morgan taunts my ogre before kick off, saying his dauntless st4 runner will take my ogre on. Fair enough I think. I recieve, blow a hole open allowing my ogre to run down and blotz Morgs star player runner. Knocked down... injured... misses rest of the game at least. First turn, complete success!

From there I slowly gather my pace and roll up the pitch to go into half time with a lead and a couple of players up. From there Morg finds it hard to get back into the game and I win 3-0. REVENGE!!! As you can see, casualties for Morg were a tad heavy!

Always a good sight!

A sad Morgan means happy club. HA! Awesome game and I win 80,000 gp's from the game, I've been earning a lot of money fair dues! Every game thus far I'd won 60,000 at least, cannot complain. 

Elsewhere the last club night of the year saw young Corey take on Chris and his Dark Eldar, a game in which the youngling won by tabling his opponent!

Mike attaching weapons and arms to his pirates, ready to punish some scurvy sea dogs no doubt!

Most ship building takes place in the docks, but theres so many hookers hanging around them now we have to revert to the old table instead. 

After my match Morg plays Owain and his Dark Elves, a game I think Morg won 2-0. 

Lastly, Edmund brought over a Warmaster/Lord of the Rings game, with this really awesome little board to play on. Looks great!

And thats 2012 wrapped up as far as club nights go, we'll be back on the 7th of January, but we should be getting some gaming in before then, hopefully some Blood Bowl and even some other systems I'm yet to try... so look out for more posts over the holiday period!


  1. Good to see so much blood bowl. But how come every one went human? was it pre-arranged or did it just happen?

    1. It just happened man! It was cool in the sense that 3 out of 4 of us it would all come down to tactics and our starting team, as we all had the same strengths and weaknesses, but the Norse were hard to contend with, almost an entire team with block! We may have a couple more players after xmas, possibly undead and lizardmen. I may convert up a 'Beastman' team too, and just use as Chaos.