Thursday 13 December 2012

Batrep Evandalists vs Imperial Guard

So Sunday I get a message from Alun, my Elven nemesis. "So, I'll be at club tomorrow. You want a game? If so, state the points!"

"1850! Or 2350! Choose!" I reply. 

"2350! A rather random amount!" Alun settles. 

I wasn't sure what force Alun was taking, so I went for something I thought was adaptable. My force looked like this...

Captain on bike, artificer armour and power weapon, bikers and attack bike
Chaplain, with termies in land raider
2 tactical squads
dreadnought with twin linked heavy flamer and heavy flamer in drop pod
Telion and scouts
dreadnought with plasma cannon
Missile launcher armed devastators
Storm talon

Aluns force was roughly....

4 Leman Russ tanks, one with Pask
4 chimeras with veterans, company command, and comissar lord
squad of veterans with aegis defence line and quad cannon 
valkyrie with veterans

Deployemtn shown above, and Aluns reserves and tank contents below

I go first, and immediately bring down the dread in drop pod ready to toast me some guard. My main force advances along the left flank while everything else gets into postion to fire. I take out two chimeras with heavy firepower, and kill some of the veterans inside them too. The dreadnoughts flamers are unleashed and every guardsmen becomes a hot tasty snack! That quad cannon  wont be shooting my storm talon next turn! Having no cover or armour saves is amazing, Alun upgraded his guardsmen to veterans with carapace armour, so heavy flamers are the way to go. 

Alun fires back, and doesn't cause a lot of death... the dread dies, as I expected when placed in front of two lema russ tanks, and I lose a couple of tacitcal marines and bikers.

Turn two was more quiet for me, I advanced into positions to charge with termies and bikers but both were just out of range of what I rolled. I wanted to blow up the chimera but shooting didn't work and wasn't able to assault either so had to leave it! 

Sly Marbo... deadly little bugger he is! Kills 7 tactical squad members, then assaults them the turn after and finishes them off. There was a hilarious moment when I tried to kill him with some scout fire and a plasma cannon plus those two tactical marines and was unable too, I mentioned that I'l probably roll a 6 in overwatch then a one to wound. What happened? EXACTLY that! Amazing sequence!

After a quiet turn three my chaplain assault one squad while my termies did a disorganised charge on two of the leman russ tanks. I lost my bonus for charging but managed to blow them both up, while my chaplain duelled with the veteran sarge and failed to kill him!

The Bikers were able to sweep around the left  and despite losing a couple more of their number got into
with the Commissar Lord and his squad. It took two turns but I was able to kill them just as the command squad charge in, and the game ended with this combat still happening. 

The final scoure was 11-7 I believe, although had it gone on for another turn I think I may have been on my way to tabling Alun. Had a great laugh, good to face the elf boy again! I think the dreadnought with flamers works amazingly well against anything not in power armour, especially against troops in cover. Bikers performed well, their jink saves helping them to keep enough numbers wise to get into combat and be able to still take out a unit or two, and the termies blowing up two Leman Russ tanks was awesome! The storm talon, which I failed to mention didn't do much, hence why I forgot about him! I was disappointed with the Chaplain but he's done well before so I forgive him. Biggest disappointment was the missile launchers, they didn't do an awful lot. I've had a couple of games with them and they've done ok before, but even after blowing up a couple of chimeras in the first turn they failed to do anything! 

We had some Battlefleet gothic happen at club, looks like a great game fair dues, would love to have a go sometime and I've always wanted to incorporate this and epic into a campaign.

We have another all dayer this sunday, and this time theres a few of us having a day playing blood bowl! I'll probably be taking my humans, and I have a nice idea for a team ready to roll out that may involve me painting a star player to use as another model.... we shall see though! Expect much blood bowl to be mentioned in my next post among the other games that take place on sunday!


  1. Dude, I really like your battle reports. The pictures are cool, and the headers that you make are good too. Permission to shamelessly steal, I mean copy this format?!

    1. Christ man course you can, I'm just trying to improve my blog a bit and if it inspires others to do similar things then cool=] Having a Blood Bowl tourney on sunday, cannae wait!